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This Colorado museum will really bug you

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – The May Natural History Museum has 7,000 bugs on display, 100,000 more creepy-crawlers tucked away in storage and a wry sense of humor.
August 5, 2022 • By Tom Adkinson

  may natural science museum

In Pictures: Getting dressed up in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas – Sometimes a single retail store can reinforce an entire region’s identity. That’s the case with Starr Western Wear, an El Paso institution outfitting El Paso, Ciudad Juarez and a big slice of New Mexico with clothes suitable for the ranch and fashionable western parties alike.
July 29, 2022 • By Tom Adkinson

  el paso hats

‘Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway’

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – ‘Vrooom! Vrooom! Vrrrrooooom!”

You’ll be excused if that sound escapes your lips a time or two at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee – even if some parts of the museum seem more like an art gallery than a tribute to roaring machinery.
July 21, 2022 • By Tom Adkinson

  milwaukee motorcycle museum

In Pictures: Plastic art with a lesson at Tennessee Aquarium

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee – An art installation of a silvertip shark at the Tennessee Aquarium may look fearsome, but its meaning is positively scary.
July 15, 2022 • By Tom Adkinson

  tennessee aquarium

Searching underground for West Virginia coal

BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA – Whenever you’re weary of the job you have, remind yourself that your circumstances could be a lot worse. In another era, you could have been an Appalachian coal miner, whose every tomorrow would be exactly like the day before – dirty, dangerous and low paying.
July 8, 2022 • By Tom Adkinson

  west virginia coal

In Pictures: Seven Falls in Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – You’ll never be intimidated by a StairMaster exercise machine after bopping up the 224 stairs at Seven Falls, one of the many attractions at the famed Broadmoor resort.
July 1, 2022 • By Tom Adkinson

  seven falls colorado spring

Mallorca & Menorca, Spain

menorca in pictures
menorca mahon harbor
Menorca in Pictures
Peeks into Mallorca and Menorca, places likely new to you -- The Spanish island of Menorca is a small dot on a map of the Mediterranean Sea, next to the slightly bigger dot that is Mallorca. Despite its size, Menorca is a major visitor destination, especially for European sun-seekers.
More M&M magic in the Mediterranean
Asked to name islands in the Mediterranean Sea, many people may start to run dry after Sicily (Don Corleone), Elba (Napoleon) and maybe Malta (Humphrey Bogart and that famous falcon). Others – the fortunate ones – would add Mallorca and Menorca from personal experience.
mallorca coast spain mallorca spain
Mallorca in Pictures
Mallorca in Pictures Mallorca, one of Spain’s islands in the western Mediterranean, will drive a photographer crazy. It’s a good crazy, but it’s still crazy. The reason? There is too much to photograph.
M&M magic in the Mediterranean
Mallorca isn’t big, but it is packed with ancient architecture, one of Europe’s few circular castles, mountains that rise to 4,711 feet, sandy beaches, open countryside, walking trails and seafood, pastries and wines that are impossible to resist.

port royal tn birmingham baseball colorado springs prorodeo hall of fame
Could tiny Port Royal have become Tennessee’s capital?
PORT ROYAL, Tennessee – The confluence of Sulphur Fork Creek and the Red River in today’s parlance is in the middle of nowhere. It’s difficult to imagine how a once-upon-a-time town in the countryside east of Clarksville might have become Tennessee’s capital.
A stand-up double for baseball fans in Birmingham
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Even casual fans of baseball can hit a figurative stand-up double by visiting two attractions in Birmingham that are steeped in baseball lore and history.
8 very long seconds at ProRodeo Hall of Fame
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – Eight seconds sounds like a very short period of time – unless that’s how long you are trying to hang on atop a bucking bronco or an ill-tempered bull.
oxford square mississippi white river
Oxford: Small, mighty and welcoming
OXFORD, Mississippi –- Even if you hate Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin, you still can fall in love with Oxford, the crown jewel of northern Mississippi and a destination with surprises around almost every corner.
Alabama’s sports heroes live on in downtown Birmingham
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – With honored names such as Bear Bryant, Shug Jordan, Bo Jackson and Pat Sullivan, football commands a great deal of attention at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in downtown Birmingham, but an eye-catching piece of sculpture from track and field draws you to an important corner on the first floor of the multi-level attraction
Chasing trout on the White River in Arkansas
LAKEVIEW, Arkansas – Seventy years ago, there wasn’t a single trout in the White River in north-central Arkansas. Smallmouth bass ruled the roost, or perhaps better said, the currents.
jefffersonville indiana major taylor museum huntsville lowe mill
Amble across ‘the most beautiful river on earth’
JEFFERSONVILLE, Indiana – “The Ohio is the most beautiful river on earth. Its current gentle, waters clear, and bosom smooth and unbroken by rocks and rapids, a single instance only excepted.”
Major Taylor: The world’s first black sports superstar
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – Marshall “Major” Taylor generated excitement and controversy as a Black athlete long before Jesse Owens excelled in front of Adolph Hitler, Jackie Robinson got his first hit as a Brooklyn Dodger or Charlie Sifford teed off as the first Black golfer in the PGA.
Huntsville’s Lowe Mill: From textiles to jungle boots to art
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Lowe Mill is a massive complex of hulking red brick industrial buildings whose appearance belies its current incarnation. It opened in 1901 as a textile factory, shifted into warehousing, became a shoe factory (the source of jungle boots for the Vietnam War), returned to warehousing and only then morphed into the home of 150 studios where 200 artists demonstrate their creativity.
kansas city basketball saint lucia burgess falls
Not just ‘March Madness,’ but all-year basketball bonkers in Kansas City
KANSAS CITY, Missouri – March may be the month for basketball madness (the NCAA has even protected the term “March Madness” for its three-week tournaments), but people go basketball bonkers all year long in Kansas City.
Two decidedly different winter scenes 4,800 miles apart
Images of winter couldn’t be more divergent than these two photos – one from Saint Lucia in the sunny eastern Caribbean, and the other from the end of the WP&YR railroad line in Skagway, Alaska.
Take a break from the interstate to hike beside Tennessee’s Burgess Falls
SPARTA, Tennessee – The Falling Water River on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau comes by its name honestly. Want proof? There’s a well-worn trail in Burgess Falls State Park and Natural Area that takes you beside four waterfalls in less than a mile.
james cameron jr nashville tuba tunnel san juan national historic site
He survived a lynching and left a legacy
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – James H. Cameron Jr. missed his appointment with death – the rope was around his neck for a lynching that claimed the lives of two other Black teenagers when he was saved – and Cameron recounted that gruesome story for the rest of his life.
Nashville tunnel becomes a ‘tubatorium’ when musician toots his horn
NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Joe Hunter doesn’t mind afternoon rush hour traffic. In fact, he’s happy when the intersection of Thompson Lane and Nolensville Road, one of the busiest in Nashville, slows traffic to a crawl.
Explore San Juan’s fortress that took 248 years to build
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – If you’ve ever been frustrated by a construction project’s slow progress, just be glad you weren’t waiting for completion of Castillo San Filipe del Morro (El Morro, for short) in San Juan.
burns tn new orleans boat ride
For Valentine’s Day or any other sugary event, check out Sweet Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, Tennessee – Whether for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion when sugar is one of your quests, there’s a little shop in the small town of Charlotte just northwest of Nashville that can satisfy your craving.
Stopping by a state park on a snowy evening
BURNS, Tennessee – At least twice already this winter, it would have been easy to channel poet Robert Frost on a snowy hike through the woods at Montgomery Bell State Park
The other wild side of New Orleans
JEFFERSON PARISH, La. – There’s certainly a well-known wild side to New Orleans, one that involves partying in the streets and adult beverages, but there’s a second wild side to explore, too.
wichita ring of fire devils backbone trail elvis presley birthday
Wichita’s Nightly Ring of Fire
WICHITA, Kansas – Johnny Cash may have sung “Ring of Fire” more times than he could count, but Wichita lights up a real ring of fire every night the elements permit to cast a special glow on a towering sculpture called the Keeper of the Plains. The statue is a tribute to Native American cultures.
Hiking along the Devil’s Backbone on the Natchez Trace Parkway
HOHENWALD, Tenn. – A hike of reasonable length on a brisk winter day can be invigorating, especially if the trail has an intriguing name and is part of a larger travel experience.
Recalling ‘The King’s’ birthday every January
TUPELO, Mississippi – Elvis Presley was born Jan. 8, 1935, in Tupelo and died August 16, 1977, in Memphis, Tennessee. Maybe it is winter’s cold that makes the marking of his birthday so much more subdued than commemorations of his death.
florida fishing pier kirschoff bakery paducah kentucky nashville allee
Hoping for warmth and a nice fish on a Florida pier
CLEARWATER, Florida – Many a Florida visitor has had to bundle up in unexpectedly chilly weather, but this angler came prepared and is eager to make the acquaintance of a hungry fish, all under the watchful gaze of a nearby stoic pelican. The angler is on Pier 60 in Clearwater on Florida’s west coast.
Art of the edible kind in downtown Paducah, Kentucky
PADUCAH, Ky. – The fabric art at Paducah’s National Quilt Museum is known internationally, but not three blocks away is art of a completely different kind that has been building a reputation since 1873.
Nashville’s cascade of stone steps entices nature lovers, exercisers
NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Ask a Nashvillian for directions to the Allée, and you may get a blank stare. However, if you ask for directions to the big stone steps in Percy Warner Park, you’ll get an instant spark of recognition.
pearl harbor 80 years ago grayton beach georgia pecan pie duck river
Pearl Harbor: 80 years ago and still with us Grayton Beach: Nice dogs, friendly folks and a colorful
three-eyed giraffe
Sometimes you feel like a
nut – as in a pecan
Appreciating Tennessee’s Duck River as autumn lingers

Brown-Lanier House
Mill Springs Battlefield National Monument added to National Park System
great smoky mountains

train ridesExperience a train ride into river gorges, through historic tunnels, and along some of the most beautiful landscapes in America
Journey through the Carolina Mountains and some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. Ride into river gorges, across valleys, and through tunnels carved out of majestic mountains. If you have been waiting to ride a train behind a century-old steam locomotive, here is your chance. Ride along one of the original railroad lines in Chattanooga, crossing four bridges and passing through pre-Civil War Missionary Ridge Tunnel, which was completed in 1858 and on the National Register of Historic Places.
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pickwick belleTennessee Riverboat Cruises: Romantic Cruises or Family Adventures
Tennessee offers a variety of leisure riverboat cruises on its waterways. Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis all have riverboats or steamboats to take you on Tennessee rivers to view beautiful scenery and wildlife, enjoy live entertainment and a great meal, or learn about the history of the Civil War in our great state. Archaeological evidence along the cruise routes tells the stories of the various Native American cultures who inhabited this river valley for over 10,000 years. Cruise in the wake of the early pioneers who had to overcome rapids, shoals, whirlpools and the formidable Chickamaugas. See the famous Body Farm. Pause and reflect in remembrance of the many that perished on the Trail of Tears.
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