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Knoxville resident, Tennessee Tech alumnus celebrates 100th birthday

Life Matters
where I'm writing from by eli cranor

21 Mental Health Facts That Can Help Your Loved Ones

I dealt with fear and anxiety for over twenty years and there are 21 facts that I discovered during my mental health struggles that can help anyone who struggles with fear and anxiety. Knowing these important mental health facts can save someone you know a lot of time and money in the long run.

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where I'm writing from by eli cranor

Where I'm Writing From: Another Dimension

The wormhole only opens on Tuesday nights around eight o’clock. That’s when I call my writing mentor, former professor, and heartfriend, Johnny Wink. Johnny’s a strange duck. He wears funny shirts, drinks Rum Grizzlies, and shoots a lot of pool, sometimes under names like “The Anteater King” or “President William McKinley.” But, last time I checked, Johnny didn’t hold the keys to another dimension.

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It’s Not Your Fault: Set Boundaries and Put a Stop to Self-Sabotage

By Laura K. Connell

Traditional therapies like behavior modification and thought control never worked for Laura K. Connell long term. Struggling to break her cycle of self-sabotage, she went back to school, taught herself how to create true change from within and became a trauma-informed coach to help others.

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first generation students
Tusculum’s support for first-generation students leads to next stage in national program
running away to yourself
Running Away to Yourself
How a transgender teen from East Tennessee escaped from his family to find himself
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Kids Central Pediatrics expands reach with new clinic in West Knoxville

100 Things to Do in Knoxville Before You Die released

KNOXVILLE -- Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Knoxville maintains a small-town feel despite being Tennessee’s third largest city. And with some of the best views, brews, and venues in the Maker City, you’ll want to make the most of your stay. 100 Things to Do in Knoxville Before You Die offers visitors and locals alike a diverse checklist of adventures and insider knowledge to construct the perfect itinerary.

In this book, you’ll learn what to do and where to go from local tourism expert Kristen Combs sharing years of her favorite activities that will wow the whole family. Longtime residents and first-time visitors will equally enjoy this guide to Knoxville, a nature-loving-adventure-seeking-artsy-kinda-town.

The book includes topics such as:

• The Tennessee River is formed just east of downtown Knoxville from the French Broad and Holston Rivers meeting. Several places reference this from Three Rivers Market to Three Rivers Rambler. There’s all kinds of ways to explore these beautiful waterways, from a driving tour to cruising to up-close-and-personal paddling.

• Knoxville might be the only place in the world where you can enjoy a handcrafted beer in a handcrafted glass and watch the whole process from beginning to end. Find this unique experience at Pretentious Craft Co. More beer is easy to find, and just as easy to find the right brew for you along Knoxville’s Ale Trail by starting at Knox Brew Hub.

• The skyline of Knoxville would be incomplete without the iconic Sunsphere. Built for the 1982 World’s Fair, this structure has surprising siblings in Seattle’s Space Needle and Paris’s Eiffel Tower, which were also built for World’s Fairs (1962 and 1889, respectively). A visit to the 4th Floor Observation Deck allows a 360-degree view of it all, from the bustling downtown to the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

You may order the book here.

100 things to do in Knoxville
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unique eats and eateries in Knoxville
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The Marble City, the Scruffy City or the Maker City, whatever you call it, Knoxville, TN has become a culinary destination. You’ll never have to wonder what restaurant to try next in Knoxville.

Life Truths & Helps

Faithful Presence: The Promise and the Peril of Faith in the Public Square
In his new book, Faithful Presence: The Promise and the Peril of Faith in the Public Square, two-term Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam reveals how faith -- too often divisive and contentious -- can be a redemptive and unifying presence in the public square.

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faithful presence by governor bill haslam

The life and legacy of legendary East Tennessee Moonshiner Popcorn Sutton
Troubled Times in Tennessee, by James B. Jones, is a detailed look at various lost or hidden aspects of Tennessee history. Historians of the Volunteer State’s past have overlooked the stories in these chapters while paying more attention to political, biographical, economic, and war-time history. 

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moonshiner popcorn sutton book

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