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Mallorca in Pictures
By Tom Adkinson
May 13, 2022

Peeks into Mallorca and Menorca, places likely new to you
(Part 2 in a 4-part series)

mallorca coast
The panoramic view of Mallorca’s north coast from the Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel and Spa seems to make this telescope superfluous. Image by Tom Adkinson

Mallorca, one of Spain’s islands in the western Mediterranean, will drive a photographer crazy. It’s a good crazy, but it’s still crazy. The reason? There is too much to photograph.

There are beaches, mountains, ancient cathedrals, winding cobblestone streets, country lanes, textiles, markets and sidewalk cafes. There are caves, wineries, statues, marinas and infinity pools overlooking the sea. It’s unending – and that’s the appeal of this compact island popular with European vacationers and slowly becoming more familiar to Americans.

Here’s a baker’s dozen. If this were a meal, it would be a selection of Spanish tapas – every item tasty and an inspiration to try another one.

la seu cathedral
La Seu, the 14th century cathedral that overlooks the Parc de la Mar, is the dominant building in Palma, Mallorca’s biggest city. Image by Tom Adkinson

gothic eye mallorca cathedral
Of the 61 stained glass windows inside Mallorca’s cathedral, the one called the Gothic Eye gets the most attention. It consists of more than 1,200 pieces and is almost 46 feet in diameter. Image by Tom Adkinson

palma port
Most visitors to Mallorca arrive by plane, but there is ferry service to Barcelona and Valencia. Image by Tom Adkinson

alfabia garden
Alfabia, a garden and house deeply rooted in Mallorcan history, is a popular attraction in the Tramuntana mountain range. Image by Tom Adkinson

alfabia tunnel
A tunnel’s arch provides a perspective on the greenery of the Alfabia landscape. Image by Tom Adkinson

morning mallorcan ritual
A couple begins a morning Mallorcan ritual – coffee and a sweet pastry called an ensaimada. Image by Tom Adkinson

mallorca bicycle
A bicycle loaded with ensaimadas for delivery is parked outside a Palma bakery. Image by Tom Adkinson

ses talaioles winery
Visitors at the Ses Talaioles (Six Watchtowers) Winery share an al fresco meal. Image by Tom Adkinson

ses talaioles winery
There are almost 100 wineries in Mallorca, including Ses Talaioles. Production is limited, so don’t expect to find Mallorcan wines at just any American store. Image by Tom Adkinson

hotel umbrellas
A Mallorcan hotelier knew just how to show guests where loaner umbrellas reside, even though the sun shines almost 300 days a year. Image by Tom Adkinson

la residencia tramuntana mountains
A swimming pool at La Residencia in the art-centric village or Deiá provides a contrast to the surrounding Tramuntana mountains. Image by Tom Adkinson

british painter alan hydes
British painter Alan Hydes enjoys a laugh with guests at his studio at the La Residencia hotel. Image by Tom Adkinson

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Editor’s note: Part 1 of the series was a focus on Mallorca on May 6.

(Travel writer Tom Adkinson’s book, 100 Things To Do in Nashville Before You Die, is available on

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