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Tennessee Rep. Chris Todd files resolution to term limit Congress
December 20, 2022; 5:15 p.m.

NASHVILLE -- State representative Chris Todd has pre-filed House Joint Resolution 5 (HJR5) for Tennessee to join other states calling for a convention for proposing a congressional term limits amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The effort is being spearheaded by the nonpartisan, nonprofit, U.S. Term Limits (USTL).

According to the latest RMG Research poll, 78% of likely voters in Tennessee support term limits on Congress, including strong support among Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike.

HJR5 has a groundswell of bipartisan support the Tennessee legislature. Dozens of state lawmakers committed their support by signing a pledge to co-sponsor Rep. Todd's legislation.

USTL State Chair Glenn Jacobs says, “I'm happy Representative Todd has introduced this bill. The continued dysfunction in Washington is further evidence of the need for congressional term limits. I look forward to Tennessee joining the other states who are calling for a convention to make them a reality.” U.S. Term Limits President Philip Blumel commended Rep. Todd for putting forth the legislation. Blumel said, “The people of Tennessee are lucky to have public servants who see what is going on in D.C. and are willing to take action to fix it. They know that Congress won't set term limits on itself. Therefore, it is the obligation of the states to do so.”

“A critical tool that we, the people have to control our federal legislature is Article V of the US Constitution. It is one powerful way for us to return our government to once again be of, by, and for the people,” says Rep. Todd.

HJR5 will be assigned to a house committee for a vote before it makes its way to the floor for a vote of the Tennessee House of Representatives. If passed in both the house and senate this session, Tennessee will join other states in the call to for a national convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing term limits on the U.S. Congress. Once 34 state legislatures must pass similar resolutions and approve the term limits amendment language the measure must be ratified by 38 states to become part of the U.S. Constitution.


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