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Keeping Journalism Real

(Jordan Cooper was the first black person to work in Governor Nikki Haley's Inspector General's Office and the youngest person to manage a law enforcement hotline in American History; he was 21 years old. Today's opinion is a pledge to keep journalism real.)

This is a pledge to keep journalism as real as possible. Journalism is supposed to give wisdom to our time on earth. This is to hold our journalists’ communications firm to their professions. 

1. Don’t go with the flow. Find unconventional interesting scoops on occasion.

2. Don’t trust anyone. Check your sources.

3. Don’t pirate your stories. People are looking for your perspective.

4. Don’t fabricate the truth. People react to what you report on.

5. Don’t be afraid to take on widely known figures. David had to and God helped him. He will do the same with you.

6. Don’t be partisan about highly debatable topics. Tell both sides of the news and let people get their own understanding.

7. Don’t sell out to special interest groups. Be unique to yourself and work to inform your audience.

8. Don’t steal anyone’s credit. Acknowledge who helped with your story.

9. Don’t start unfounded rumors. People don’t look at journalism as a ‘to be continued’ like a fictional series.

10. Don’t be tardy spreading the word. Your spectators need to be in stride with their day.

Principally, describe happenings in fact and while doing so enlighten people.

Jordan Thomas Cooper is the first black to donate a book to a library about a NY Governor. He donated Governor Pataki’s book to Columbia University Law School in 2017. Jordan Thomas Cooper was also the first black to have an alumni book list idea used for a college library. His alumni book list was highly commended by the Cornell University Alumni Association. This makes Cooper the first black to make history at two Ivy League Schools.

10 rules for the best law enforcement ethics

Published February 12, 2020

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