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Who is counting the beans and what kind of beans are they?
Opinion, By Tom Antkow, Maryville TN

I recently retired with my wife from a previously "Red" State to beautiful Tennessee to retire. That state is now Purple, and on it's way to turning quite Blue. Legalizing recreational pot began its down fall. I can tell you first hand that insidious progressive/socialism is creeping into our Country like the "kudzu vine" is creeping through the South.

The latest example is the overblown Corona Virus Pandemic. If you want to control the "People" just find a way to make them panic. Voila! Create a pandemic and watch them obediently follow orders and jump over the cliff like lemmings. Inflate "case" figures without really outlining the contents. Use words like "DEATH", "VIRUS" "INFECTIOUS" and "DISEASE" and watch folks fall into lockstep with their so called experts and leaders. What ever happened to the discussion about "Herd immunity" anyway?

Remember Measles parties when you were a kid?

Real research facts absolutely show that the fatality percentages reveal that the number of deaths, and percentages, from the covid19 virus, are on par with annual seasonal flu numbers.

I have been on this planet for almost 70 years and do not ever remember, that's EVER, seeing daily box scores for individual deaths or hospitalization involving cancer, heart disease, car crash fatalities, Aids (maybe HIV) when it was fashionable. etc. I do remember daily death rate postings for soldiers killed on the battlefield when it was politically expedient.

I think that real responsible journalists should look into who is making money and gaining politically from our misery. How about telling the American people the real truth. Let's start out first by counting, and publishing, daily births and move on from there?

Published May 18, 2020

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