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Rising with the Daily Sun

Good Morning East Tennessee!

It's been another busy week, especially in local politics. The thing about the media is: the news never stops. The only break you can get is to turn your back on everything and, with that, you might be missing the story of a lifetime.

As with my photography I let it take me where it wants. I use my instinct and street smarts to decide what to cover and what to pass on. There's no way to cover everything so each time a story, idea, lead, press release or phone call passes my desk (which is many times per hour) I have to decide if it's going to hit a chord with you.

KDS is not here to cater to our advertisers' wishes so it frees us to write the unbiased truth and create a balance. While there's an overflow of bad news in the publication world we attempt to find the good news. At the same time bad things happen and if writing an article is going to give someone enough insight to prevent or stop someone else's suffering we'll cover it. Never will we do it for shock value, slander, or self-promotion. We strongly believe there's enough of it, and the general public has grown quite sick of it.

We also won't play the "political favoritism game." Never will we endorse a politician or a political party. I don't belong to a political party nor am I associated with any political or religious organization. Please refrain from putting me in some sort of box. Each article I write is approached with an unbiased, clear mind and each fact is researched and questioned until the truth is found. At that it is up to you to create your own personal opinion based on the facts I gave you and your own personal experiences.

I pride myself on a very high moral standard, a constantly questioning, open mind, an unusually diverse list of life-experiences, an ability to walk in anyone's shoes and a very perceptive instinct.

What Knoxville Daily Sun and I want from you is: your trust. In our first four months of operation I have worked 12-16 hours a day, seven days a week in an attempt to earn it. We'll continue working just as hard in an attempt to keep it.

Have a great day!

Published March 8, 2011

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