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Rising with the Daily Sun

Good Morning East Tennessee!

Often I write about breakfast in this column but let's skip that this time and go straight to lunch.

Tuna is the most popular lunch food for the "do it yourselfer". However, unless it's smothered in exotic cheeses, truly hot peppers and placed on authentic Italian bread it sounds kind of boring to me.

Again, research is showing that Americans are all about fast and less concerned with quality. Like cereal is to breakfast, burgers are to lunch. I know by now most of us are reaching the breaking point and are deciding we're over it.

How about a salmon fillet with a side of your favorite soup, French bread, a combination of cheeses and a glass of wine?

It's funny how people look forward to Thanksgiving dinner all year when they can have it every day for lunch. Get yourself a turkey and (because I know you have a true rebel instinct) throw in some cranberries, mashed potatoes and stuffing, too.

If you insist on doing sandwiches, at least get an authentic Italian meatball hoagie with a side of shrimp and an array of dipping sauces.

Some people like to eat light. Believe it or not you can make some incredible meals out of fruit, Jello, and cheese. It's not only appetizing, it's also beautiful -- like sushi without the raw fish.

If you like to cook, most of the ingredients for these recipes are less than your average corporate burger.

If you're not happy with any of my ideas it's okay. I'm just trying to break you out of the fast food mold. Google "worldwide cuisine" or just check out the menu at your local family owned restaurant.

I understand that American culture is fast paced and everyone has to keep the bills paid, but what good is rushing through your existence when you miss out on the greatest things life has to offer?

A sunset, family, food, your pets, a good book or movie, friends, nature, art: these are just some of the things we should slow down and make time for.

Have a great day!

Published March 5, 2011

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