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Rising with the Daily Sun

Good Morning East Tennessee!

Are you ready? Here comes the weekend and there's a lot to do in East TN. If you missed the list go back through the Rising archives to Feb 28, 2011.

Speaking of "the list," I decided to update "The Week Ahead" in the "Rising Column" every Monday morning. If you happen to miss it simply find the date of the past Monday and you'll never find yourself saying: "There's nothing to do."

The weather ahead could be better but it's not a disaster either, so it's advised: if you're doing something outdoors you might want to bring a jacket and perhaps an umbrella just in case.

As for me: I'll be working, but I'll be at many of the events (I'm the guy with the camera and the smile). Feel at ease coming up and saying hello. I'm all about shaking hands, hugging, exchanging business cards and meeting the community. If you want your picture taken I'll also do that and send it to your email.

Working for the Knoxville Daily Sun has been an incredible learning adventure, and I don't expect that to change. I work incredibly long, hard hours and I "go at it" 7 days a week, but I wouldn't change a thing. There are many different ways it continues to pay off but the best part is hearing the feedback and finally getting to meet you face to face. We know better than anyone that we couldn't do this without your support and you continue to freely give it.

With sincere thanks, I'll see you this weekend.
Have a great day!

Published March 4, 2011

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