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Rising with the Daily Sun

Good Morning East Tennessee!

What do you post on your refrigerator?

When I visit someone's house, it always fascinates me what they choose to hold on their refrigerator with the array of magnets that they picked up here and there. I'm not really sure why. I think our uniqueness shines through on things like this. I'm always looking for clues to people's "hidden side" (you know – the skeletons), and the fridge never lies.

No one does the same thing. You can visit ten ofr your friends and family members and they'll all have the same furniture, the same tools, the same computers, the same cars, but everyone's refrigerator is unique and personal.

It's like being in someone's bathroom. You kind of feel like you're invading his or her privacy or you're doing something wrong and everyone except you is perfectly comfortable with it.

The other night I was reading that a married-couple posts their losing lottery tickets on the fridge. The husband didn't like it and wanted his wife to remove them saying they reminded him of his failures, but she wouldn't do it. She had no theory for why she did it, but she insisted that they stay on the fridge.

Some people, especially wives, like to post recipes. That makes sense being the fridge is in the kitchen, but other things I just don't understand. Shouldn't your "to-do list" be on the desk where you do things?

Other folks like to post their bills on their fridge. Some have calendars. Many people have pictures. Grocery receipts are always popular and interesting, but I still don't understand the reasoning.

If I made refrigerators, I'd have a bulletin board cover on the front door and give the customer a lifetime supply of thumbtacks. There's nothing more annoying than opening the refrigerator, finding out that someone drank the last bit of chocolate milk and slamming the door only to have to pick up refrigerator magnets and 6 outdated coupons for stuff you never eat.

Published January 8, 2011

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