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Rising with the Daily Sun

Good Morning East Tennessee!

There's more than a fifty percent chance that you're a coffee drinker so while you're sitting consuming your daily caffeine I thought I'd share some interesting coffee facts.

You may assume that the US percentage of coffee drinkers is higher than any other country but it's not true. In fact we are 8th behind Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Brazil.

Oil is the most traded commodity on the planet. Coffee is the second.

The three top cities in the US for coffee shops are Seattle, Manhattan and San Francisco.

Every day in America 400 million cups of coffee are consumed.

Originally coffee was eaten. Yes… African tribes would mix coffee berries with fat and would consume it to give them increased energy.

The King of England banned coffee houses in the late 1600s stating that they were places were people would meet to plan against him.

Coffee grows on trees that are kept and cultivated to be no less then ten feet high.

Sixty-five percent prefer to add sugar and/or cream while 35% drink it black.

Coffee is actually a seed inside of a berry. The berries are picked, dried and stripped down leaving the remaining seed, which most people know as a bean.
Me? I'm not big on any of the "latte/schmatte stuff." I mean…. I don't "knock" all of that but I'm really not in the mood to gamble on things that my brain is too tired to understand. Just give me a good old cup of black Maxwell House original roast.

Have a wonderful day.

Published January 7, 2011

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