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A daily column by John Disque


Good Morning East Tennessee!

Social Media Mayhem

Twitter and Facebook is a lot like gardening.

What really irks me about Twitter is when the people I'm following are too good to follow me back. I'll give them a week or two to follow me. I don't expect people to log on every day nor do I expect anyone to run around their neighborhood announcing that John Disque is following them, but I do expect a little bit of "social media etiquette." Clicking on your list of followers and following them back is not difficult or time consuming. When I've decided they have crossed the limits of my patience I'll go into my app and zap them like the self-proclaimed kings and queens they think they are.

As for Facebook sometimes you're reminded why you haven't kept in touch with that long lost friend. What seemed like a good idea last week sometimes turns into a sticky situation. How do I un-friend my 3rd grade best friend who's still listening to Kiss records and trying to start a revolution that no one is paying attention to?

Another thing I'm seeing more and more of is: "Jerry Springer Politics." There's nothing wrong with voicing your opinion and standing for what you believe (it's what we're supposed to do), but some folks are just firing away day and night. If anyone is paying any attention they're just firing back and no one is listening. They're not offering solutions, trying to find a middle ground and they're not trying to find any good in anything. It's just a constant hate-filled, stream of negativity. It amazes me that they haven't learned what happens when you focus on the negative 24/7.

As for Myspace, they sent me an email the other day saying how much they missed me. I was going to reply and let them know I'll always love them like Tie-Dye and the phonebook but then they went on to tell me how much they've changed so I figured I'd stop in and visit every now and then. Maybe I'll take them downtown and start a revolution or we can drive to Nashville and catch a Kiss concert.

The point is: Sometimes you have to pull some weeds.

Have a great day!

Published January 30, 2011

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