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Rising with the Daily Sun

Good Morning East Tennessee!

I don't intend to start a war -- at least not this early in the morning, but there seems to be major differences in these two types of people. By now, some of you know that I'm always analyzing my fellow human beings.

I'm not suggesting that this article is going to change the world; however, it may well save you some time, heartache, and money while giving a better insight on our differences and ourselves.

There are people who call themselves "both" but I don't see it in my life. The people I know either own, would like to own, or have owned 1 or more cats or 1 or more dogs.

There's also people who call themselves "neither". I don't understand that at all. You can be a "dog person" without owning a dog. The same can be said for "cat people". There are some people who are quick to say "No, I don't own nor would I like to own either."

According to Sam Gosling at the University of Texas, "dog people" tend to be more social and outgoing while "cat people" tend to be more creative, non traditional, and introverted.

A British study suggests that "cat people" are more intelligent than dog people. (It's not my study!) A poll found that 47% of households with a cat had a college degree while only 38% of households with dogs could make the same claim.

Cat owners are more likely to sleep with their cats while dog owners demand more space.

Cats are much more independent than dogs which may suggest that dog people are better equipped to take leadership roles while not feeling burdened by demand for attention and added responsibility.

There is one thing we all seem to have in common: Whether you are a dog owner or a cat owner, both tend to live longer lives and have lower blood pressure than the rest of the world.

Published January 19, 2011

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