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Rising with the Daily Sun


Good Morning East Tennessee!

Sometimes I have nothing to say. Other times (like today) I have a lot.

There's great people in the world doing great things. Positive, productive, wonderful changes are being made and people are progressing, yet sometimes those very thoughts will leave you temporarily alone.

I understand there's a balance. I understand people have their bad days. Sometimes they'll have a string of bad days, and I understand and accept that too.

Today there seems to exist a very destructive "doom and gloom," fear-driven negativity that I refuse to be a part of. It breeds hatred, pre-justice fear and more and more negativity. Years ago I decided that the only times I would focus on negativity were the times when change was in my hands. If I couldn't help find a productive, realistic solution I would quickly put it aside and go back to the positive.

Stop! Step back and think of what you're saying/spreading.Think of the hope it will destroy, the lives it will stifle, the prejudice it will cause, the fear it will instill, the freedom it will destroy and the unnecessary heartache it passes on. Like a cancerous rust, negativity spreads and it eats you from the inside out. Maybe it's time to stop blaming some politician, some writer, some preacher, some country, some parent, political party, boss, spouse, teacher, or whatever else is in style today. Maybe it's time that you stop being a part of it.

Believe it or not I've lost good friends and close family members because I tried to remain positive in the face of their negativity. Painfully, I've learned to say nothing and to just walk away. While I'm left to deal with the death of that relationship their pain vanishes with their hatred toward me. I wanted so bad just to join them in their doom and gloom, but I couldn't. I really tried my best to dispose of everything I stand for, but I just cannot live my life like that.

The U.S. people went through a horrible few years, but if your personal result is just more hatred and ignorance then you haven't learned a thing.

Do you need something to get you started? For you - the production of the electric car, the reduction of air and water pollution, the potential decline in homelessness, the technology boom, the closer-than-ever cure for cancer, the rebound of the stock market, the decline in unemployment, the ever-declining racism issue, the increasing awareness of health issues, people are banning together to help each other through the snow storms, malnutrition has decreased throughout the world, Israel just extended their hand to the Palestinian people, AIDS victims are declining, global hunger is declining. I could go on and on, but the point is: find your own. It's not hard. Chances are good that great news is closer than you think.

The world's not ending. People are shining brighter than ever to get us out of this mess, and it's working. Someone in your neighborhood is doing something wonderful right this second.

Have a great day!

Published February 7, 2011


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