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john disque journalistRising with the Daily Sun
A daily column by John Disque


Good Morning East Tennessee!

It's Sunday morning. You should give yourself something a decent breakfast.

Are you sick of cereal? Me too! The main reason people eat cereal is because it's fast and easy, but why don't we put off the immediate, bland, stomach-filling recipe of cornflakes and milk for an artistic delve into an overdue heaven of cholesterol mayhem?

• "Scrambled Eggs" smothered in cheese and every left over vegetable you can drown in bacon fat. Add a side of deviled eggs, toast, and Oreo cookies and you're talking "Sunday!"

• "French Toast" with extra vanilla and topped with ice-cream, chocolate syrup and a side of sausage.

• "Pancakes ala Unhealthy" with a half stick of half-melted pure butter, powdered sugar and (heck, it's sunday) throw some whipped cream on there too.

• Sunny side up, breakfast burrito, waffles, cake, lasagna, fruit, shrimp cocktail or anything else your heart desires. It's time to live a little and leave the Special K for Tuesday or Wednesday or any day except today.

If you follow the above suggestions I know you'll have a great morning, so have a great afternoon and evening too.

We are not responsible for your Monday.

Have a great day!

Published February 6, 2011

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