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john disque journalistRising with the Daily Sun
A daily column by John Disque


Good Morning East Tennessee!

It looks like it's here to stay. More electric car charging stations are springing up all over the country. It looks like America has had enough of relying on foreign countries to control our fuel which ultimately leads to controlling our very existence including dying in wars to protect our oil controlling allies.

It's in the American blood to break ties with controlling lands and find creative solutions for self-sufficiency so, with that in mind, you have to admit that kissing the oil industry goodbye is long overdue.

The ultimate plan is to have a car charging unit installed at each residence. The first guesses and cost estimates are about $2,200 per unit which includes installation.

I figured the electric car would take longer to catch on. Most of my reluctance came with seeing the cars themselves. Most looked like a cross between a shopping cart and a Yugo, but word is getting out that the big manufacturers are designing much more attractive models. When that happens I may just have to divorce Exxon/Mobile.

I believe that once we begin to seriously eliminate our dependence on gasoline and gasoline engines we will begin to see a decline in numerous diseases that we never fathomed were the cause of the issue.

Tell me the truth - Are you going to miss the explosive, polluting, expensive smell of refined oil or do you,too, look forward to the day when your kids can breathe?

Have a great day!

Published February 5, 2011

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