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Rising with the Daily Sun


Good Morning East Tennessee!

It's Friday!

The following information is "Everything you thought you needed to know."

If asked to choose an odd number between 10 and 50, most people will choose 37.

If asked to choose an even number between 50-100, most people will choose 68.

When he was a boy Albert Einstein could not speak fluently. His parents, and some of his teachers thought he might be retarded.

85% of people go through the express lane with more than 10 items.

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

Attractive people are given lighter sentences for crimes than unattractive people.

Butterflies can taste with their feet.

Most people believe (subconsciously or not) that clean shaven men are more honest than those with beards.

Without the food coloring Coca-Cola is green.

Most US presidents were over average height.

Honey is the only food that will not spoil.

Teachers award higher grades if they like the student's name.

In every episode of Seinfeld there's a superman somewhere.

75% of people who buy luggage and brief cases with combination locks never change the factory settings.

A snail can sleep for three years.

A chameleon's tongue is twice the length of its body.

The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad.

Three US presidents died on July 4th. (Adams, Jefferson, Monroe)

The sun is 330,330 times larger than planet Earth.

The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world.

Camels have three eyelids.

Have a great day!

Published February 4, 2011


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