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Rising with the Daily Sun


Good Morning East Tennessee!

Lately the news has been the same old bad news so I thought I'd let you know that ...

On February 1 a 3 year old in Nevada dialed 911 and saved his mother's life.

In New York a women went into labor in the middle of a snow storm. The ambulance couldn't reach the house. A local snow plow company pulled one of their trucks off route and plowed the way to the woman's house.

A day before John Davis was to see a judge to start the foreclosure process on his house, John hit the lottery for $200,000. With the money, he got himself out of financial trouble and is sending his two daughters to college.

A 340 year old Bible was found in Wisconsin.

In Boston an ultra sensitive blood test is being developed to spot cancer before it reaches the progressive stages.

Gladys "Glady" Burrill entered and finished the Honolulu Marathon. Glady is 92 years old.

In Jacksonville a 9 year old girl got 4 toddlers and a month-old-baby out of a burning building.

In New York a woman was getting her hair done at a local salon when someone decided to rob the salon at gun point. The woman getting her hair done was Feris Jones (a New York Police Officer with an incredible aim.) Feris shot the gun out of the robber's hand, stopped the attempted robbery, and the suspect was arrested.

Gold mining is still big business in the US. Last year $1 billion worth of gold was pulled out of one Nevada mine.

A woman in Detroit started a charity making dresses from pillow cases for little girls. The result was: 100,000 dresses (all hand made) pouring in from all 50 states.

Have a great day!

Published February 3, 2011


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