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john disque journalistRising with the Daily Sun
A daily column by John Disque


Good Morning East Tennessee!

Here are the most popular breakfasts around the world;

Korea – There are no breakfast foods in Korea. In the morning they'll eat what Americans would consider lunch or dinner, which usually means: rice on the side and a sandwich, soup or fish.

Russia – Breakfast is light in Russia. Cream of Wheat or a slice of bread with your coffee or tea is about all that's expected.

Germany – Cold meals are the thing in Germany with many cold sausages and cheeses to be expected. On the side - bread with jam is usually the order of the day.

Australia – These folks go all out and enjoy the heck out of breakfast everyday. You name it – they have it on their plate. They usually start with a bagel covered in roasted tomatoes, fruit and perhaps a slab of salmon. Then they continue with the main course of eggs, bacon, pancakes and bread but guess what?... They're not finished. They'll end it all with more fresh fruit, ice-cream and various nuts. Now I know why everyone wants to go to Australia.

China – There's a different approach to breakfast in China. They don't eat eggs, they don't read the morning paper and they don't reserve any time for breakfast. If someone is hungry in the morning they'll usually just grab a bowl of noodles, a cup of tea or a piece of bread.

Mexico – Breakfast in Mexico is a lot like their other meals but they tend to substitute their meats with eggs, chocolate or fruit. Expect the usual tortilla or burrito with a little bit of a lighter twist.

France – Breakfast in France has changed over the years. In the tourist areas you can expect the same exact menu as in the US but once off the beaten path you can count on things getting extra sweet. Croissants, chocolate, various pies, crepes and smothered sweet waffles spoil the French people but they don't seem to mind one bit.

USA – We're kind of funny. We like to bounce back and forth from the boring to the extravagant. A lot depends on our allotted time and which the day of the week it is so most Americans usually save the big, hot, beautiful breakfast for the weekends when they have time to cook and relax with the family. (Guess what day it is.)

Have a great day!

Published February 27, 2011

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