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Rising with the Daily Sun

Good Morning East Tennessee!

It's Saturday and time for everyday heros.

While a young boy and his sitter were trying to cross a Tulsa creek Tulsa creek the boy's foot got caught under a rock. The water was up to the boy's neckline and it was beginning to rise. Doug Young saw the boy struggling, jumped in the water, swam to him, freed him from the rock and got him to safety.

Not all hero stories have happy endings. Aaron Miller was found dead inside a burned down house in Bloomfield, IL. He didn't know who owned the house and there's only one explanation for him to be there. One of the owners was also found dead while his wife was injured and taken to the hospital. Investigators say that Miller was not in need of money and there's no evidence that he started the fire. Further evidence shows that Miller spent his life giving and helping strangers. Its officially determined that Aaron Miller was attempting to rescue the people in the house.

A man in Atlanta jumped through the window of a stopped school bus and overpowered the female driver. Fifteen year-old Jamarcus Shephard took the ordeal into his own hands and would not allow the hijacker to get situated behind the wheel. While Shephard struggled with the man, all students and the female driver were able to exit the bus safely.

Donté Greene is a professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings. One day he and his friends were out on a boat trip. A woman who was tying a ladder to her own boat fell into the water while the driver of the boat didn't realize it and drove off. Donte saw and heard the woman struggling and it was apparent that she couldn't swim. He jumped into the water, swam to her, and saved her life.

Forty three years ago U.S. Army Spc. 4 James Leslie Moreland disappeared in fierce fighting in Vietnam. After all this time his remains have been positively identified. His friends and family finally have closure and James Moreland is coming home.

Have a great day!

Published February 26, 2011

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