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john disque journalistRising with the Daily Sun
A daily column by John Disque


Good Morning East Tennessee!

Some big stories are about to break at the Knoxville Daily Sun, and we keep getting busier. There's a reason for that which I'm about to get to.

Other than all the news, I have a new office that I'm in the process of decorating/remodeling. It's a touchy issue with me because I spent most of my life with hand-me-downs or someone else's unwanted items.

The computers will be the last thing to be added because I know that once I get them in there, I'll plop down, go to work and that will be that.

I have, or could get my hands on a bunch of old computer furniture and stuff but none of it reflects who I am. Again, I know… if I put it in there until I can get it replaced I'll never replace it.

I spend more time working than anything else so the entire office has to be a perfect, comfortable, beautiful haven. I'm too old to settle for "good-enough," but that doesn't mean I'm talking about price. The office has to be a place where I look forward to being and staying.

The desk is not a desk. It's a long table which has to accommodate 5-7 computers. a good-size fish tank and a phone system. While there's overhead lighting it will usually be turned off. I tend to do my best work in soft lighting. The lighting itself is artwork that up-lights the walls and reflects shadows behind the houseplants. The chair can be reclined straight back so I can take a comfortable nap if I ever have some time. The speaker-wires are hidden in the walls and the shelving is attached from the other side of the wall so there are no exposed brackets. It's a cross between "escape and modern" with nature everywhere. The most important key is 0-clutter. Nothing will be in there that I don't use on a daily basis. It's a proud, beautiful haven that goes way past four walls.

You're welcome to come and visit. Open the windows and get some of that spring breeze. Grab a beer or make some coffee. Put Van Morrison in the CD player and stretch out on the futon or check out the view. Don't mind me – I'll probably be typing away while you lay there smiling in KDS paradise.

With all this in mind – we work better when we do it our way and we can only give you what you're looking for when we are being our true selves. Why should our non-cluttered, unstuffy offices be any different?

Have a great day!

Published February 24, 2011

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