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john disque journalistRising with the Daily Sun
A daily column by John Disque


Good Morning East Tennessee!

Everyone should have a hobby and it should be a healthy, pleasant, stressless escape from the realities of the world.

Many businesses begin, thrive, and rely on fulfilling the American need for productive escapism. The people of the US spend more money on hobbies than any other country on Earth which indicates to me that we're under a lot of stress, that hobbies are not something we can do without and, one way or another, we're going to demand them.

The current top five hobbies include:
Photography (Last year Americans snapped 600-million pictures)
Model Making
Home workshops

Some people claim they don't have a hobby and don't have time for hobbies. I find that sad. The very fact that you're so busy would indicate that you're probably overly stressed and could use a hobby.

Other people who make this claim can often be found in front of the TV. I find that equally sad. I wish they would think about it for a minute and realize they're missing out on a world of conversation, personal reward and maybe even some money as many people have taken their hobbies and became millionaires doing something they truly love.

If this was an interactive column I would ask you what your hobbies are. On the same hand, I've been meeting many of you face to face lately throughout East TN. Sometimes it's apparent that we're not quite sure what to say to each other. If this ever happens just bring up the topic of "hobbies," but make sure you have some time because we'll probably migrate to the nearest bench and talk for hours.

Have a great day!

Published February 2, 2011

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