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Good Morning East Tennessee!

Today's technology allows a musicians to sit in the comfort of their own home while recording, mixing and mastering libraries of songs. They can work at their own time, at their own pace and they can span the limits of their imagination.

The problem is that too often masterpieces go unheard.

When it comes to the grind of putting a band together, rehearsing five days a week for months, finding gigs, promotion and everything else many artists will say, "No thanks. Been there, done that."

At that the song gets put on the shelf where it sits in a library of collected dust.

I can almost hear the countless voices saying. "You have to pay your dues. You have to get out there and work. You have to deal with 5 other incompatible egos, with overflowing drama, gossip, embarrassment, irresponsibility and drugs. You have to get paid $50 to play for three drunks requesting "Rocky Top" for 6 hours and you have to do it at least 5 nights a week."

Lets see . . . the PA rental was $100.00, the band's bar tab was $124.00, and the sound guy wants $70.00. We got paid $50.00, but one of the drunks wants us to do his niece's wedding next month. If I keep my day job at Burger King and my mom doesn't kick me out of the house, I might be able to borrow some money from my sister until this wedding gig.

No thanks. Today's technology and the Internet make all of that a thing of the past. Now you can submit your music directly to hundreds of radio stations and thousands of online websites while gathering yourself an unlimited fan base. They'll let you know if your music is any good, and, if they like one of those songs collecting dust on your bookshelf, you could find yourself selling thousands of songs and negotiating gigantic record deals.

Here's three places you (or someone you know) can start with right now:

i105.3 WFIV
Homegrown (Knoxville's Local Music Scene) - Features local music, contests, videos, links to local musicians and much more.

Songwriting Competition (Brand New) - Features free critiques, song writing competitions, photo albums, videos and more.
Facebook Page

Knoxville Jukebox - By musicians for musicians. Centered on the local Knoxville musician and also covering local theater, painters, etc.; submit your music and develop an audience as visitors create their own play list of favorites.

Have a great day!

Published February 1, 2011

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