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  Letter to the Editor

By Katheryn Burson, Houston, Texas

The politicians in Congress no longer represent The People.

Do we like the way they have handled our tax money, economy, border, health care, Social Security money, education? Our country is bankrupt. Jobs are scarce.

We lost $535 million, plus another $1.1 million that was paid for an investment Bank's advice on restructuring the loan of OUR money to Solyndra. Solyndra tried to sell shares via public offering, but no takers. Why? It was a bad deal, BUT, our government thought it knew more about the solar business than investors. What about Fast & Furious? The Department of Justice won't cooperate with the investigation. These are massive cover ups worthy of impeachment considerations. Why is nothing being done?

If we want more of the same, let's do nothing, but wait for the election of the same people that have been in office all these years. Most members of the House of Representatives have been there for more than twenty years (no term limits). Personally, I have had enough.

There is hope. I have found a group called GOOOH (Get out of Our House This is just a group of non-partisan folks working to get ordinary citizens on the ballot this November and replace the politicians.. Anyone can participate in the selection process to get new people on the ballot. Our Nation needs us to act. Let's do something different.

Published October 18, 2011

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