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The Durable Fabric of America

george weir
George T. Weir

By George T. Weir, Jacksboro, TX

At a time when all the attention seems to be turned to politics and the media being in high gear just trying to keep up with the politicians to catch them in some kind off camera gaffe, it makes good reading. However, what I want to write about is the real Americans which I believe to be the "Durable Fabric of America."

Yes, I am concerned about the high unemployment. I'm also concerned about the rising cost of living. It seems as if each day when we go to the market the cost has risen from the day before.

Another reason for concern is the cost for energy. This isn't new to Americans. It has happened before and it will probably happen again at some point in the future, but there is no Nation that wouldn't trade places with America if they had the chance. Why? They know the American people. When the chips are down, they will come together; possibly not until the fight  is over, but we are the United States of America, and the American people will stand united. When the dust has settled, we will still be standing. This is what sets us apart from the rest of the world.

One may ask, "George, just what makes you so sold on America?" It's simple -- the people. Yes, I have my political differences, even in the neighborhood where I live, but if I need some help, never has anyone asked me if I am a Republican or a Democrat. They just come to help.

I have spent some time in hospitals; sometimes as a patient, sometimes as a visitor. No one ever asked me about my political persuasions or whether I was right wing, or a left wing, or a no wing.  In some parts of the world it would matter, but not with the American people.

While driving the highways of America, one can meet all kinds of people. It may be ranch hands fixing fences along the road or one might see a farmer turning the soil, preparing for another planting season, or another herding cattle to the milking barns.  These are Americans, they wear no arm bands saying I am such or such. They are part of the fabric that makes America great.

Sometimes when I am at the Mall (which is seldom) I love to just sit down and watch people. Yhat's better than spending money anytime.   What you see is short people, tall people, and those in between, white folks, black folks, brown folks, and in this day and age, they may be painted all sorts of colors. They may not be all going in the same direction, but if there is a problem, you can count on them to help. Yes, these are my kind of folks.

I said that I wasn't going to talk politics, but I just can't help myself.   I wonder -- when the politicians are out and about shaking hands and kissing babies around the country side, are they really listening and paying any attention to the American people?   "Well if not, they should. Yhey could learn things about the "fabric that hold this country together" -- its people.

Published August 21, 2011

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