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Mark Padgett Gets Endorsement from Local Home Builders and Realtors™

mark padgett for mayor

KNOXVILLE -- The Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville (HBAGK) and the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors (KAAR) have endorsed Market Padgett for Knoxville City Mayor. The announcement was made today by the Mark Padgett for Mayor Campaign.

Doyle Webb, President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville and H. Doyle Webb Contractors stated that "Mark is a fiscal conservative who understands that small business is the backbone of America. We believe in his ability to support and partner with local companies to help them create jobs and grow Knoxville's economy. We also share his commitment to protecting natural resources while still allowing for smart economic development."

Established in 1951, HBAGK is a non-profit, trade association for the homebuilding industry. HBAGK serves 424 companies in Knox and surrounding counties.

"As a small business owner, Mark knows how to support and partner with local companies to help them grow and thrive," said John Blair, president of the Knoxville Area of Association of Realtors and West Knox Realty. "Knoxville has hundreds of abandoned and blighted properties and thousands of vacant parcels, which hurts the surrounding area's property values and crime rates. We support Mark's plan to improve codes enforcement throughout the city. Re-establishing these properties as homes or businesses will go a long way in strengthening our neighborhoods and local economy."

Chartered in 1921, KAAR is one of the largest Realtor associations in the state of Tennessee. KAAR serves over 3,300 individuals engaged in the various facets of the real estate industry. The Association's purpose is to unite and serve its members and to enhance the ability and opportunity of its members to conduct their business ethically, professionally, and successfully and to promote the preservation of the right to own, transfer and use real property.

"I'm humbled by their endorsement and look forward to working together to move Knoxville forward," said Padgett. "I believe our next mayor should be pro-neighborhood and pro-business because Knoxville's economy starts at the neighborhood level. When a company is looking to launch or relocate, they have to examine not only the business environment, but also the neighborhoods and quality of life for their employees. For our economy to thrive and for our people to prosper and find purpose, we must have strong, successful neighborhoods."

Padgett also reiterated key parts of the "Padgett Plan," including:

• Keep city taxes low; keep regulations reasonable and easy to understand; reform and streamline building codes; and eliminate tedious, redundant and, in many cases, unnecessary permits and back-end paperwork.

• Maintain "open-door policy" and regular communication with neighborhood associations, community organizations, the business community, and concerned citizens.

• Improve codes enforcement.

• Restructure the organizational chart to make the position directly responsible for decreasing the number of vacant, abandoned and blighted properties a senior advisory position.

• Utilize technology to help Knoxville's dedicated city staff resolve codes complaints faster and more efficiently.

• Explore local and state-level regulation changes that impose tougher penalties for code violations.

• Pursue a Knoxville Land Bank program.

• Empower neighborhoods and communities to reinvest rather than allow absentee landlords to encroach.

• Support smart infrastructure investment.

The Padgett Plan:

Published October 17, 2011, 4:17 p.m.

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