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New Local TV Station Takes The Air In Pigeon Forge

By Kelsey Moore

A new television station is on the air, beaming regional programming content from Pigeon Forge TN.   WJDP-TV11 began serving the area in November 2011 as an over-the-air full broadcast TV station. At this phase it's only available through the use of an antenna.  The channel is (DTV 11.1)  (DTV 11.2) ut is currently in negotiations with Comcast Cable to provide them this programing free for their customers.

The new station is owned and managed by the Dash Family. This station is part of the New Beginning TV Network family.  The Dash family has been operating TV stations for over 15 years.  "We're very local-oriented," Dash said. "This station (WJDP DTV 11) has been the result of over 7 years of hard work and still more to come. It has been a dream my family and I have shared for years to have an opportunity to showcase the treasures here in the mountains."

The coverage area for WJDP DTV 11 extends outward from Bluff Mountain with a nearly 40-mile radius as far as Knoxville and as close as Gatlinburg. The broadcast is not available on local cable providers, but Dash said he hopes eventually to be added to the lineup. WJDP DTV 11 televises shows 24/7.   With the station in its infancy, Dash said that for now programming is being generated at the Tazewell, VA studio the home of its sister station WJDW-DTV 35, a station owned by the Dash family. Dash's media operations are based out of Tazewell, Virginia close to the West Virginia border. The headquarters recently moved to Tazewell in August 2011 to their new production facility. "Our goal is actually to put a studio in Pigeon Forge, TN," he said, adding that he hopes to accomplish the venture by Fall 2012.  

The Dash's have been involved in many other media outlets, including a channel on several nationwide IPTV networks, as well as a web site which showcases the programing on the network. This site,, is visited by thousands of people every day.   It specializes in non-denominational Christian and local content. The programming on the well-established New Beginning TV Network is 95 percent locally based.  

Dash said "I believe that in the age we're in where everything is a nationwide flavor, there still is tremendous need for local," Dash said. "I'd like to know what is happening two doors down."  The Dash Family believes the mountains are filled with treasures; the most precious being the great songs by the older gentleman living just a few doors down the road or the stories and words of wisdom grandma has to share. To accomplish his dream for local programming, Dash has many spots available for hometown musicians and pastors. In addition his stations report on local events, such as coverage of High School football and the County Fairs.  

Dash encourages any pastors, local artists and musicians in the area who would be interested in producing unique content for (WJDP DTV 11) to call 800-319-4943 or write to New Beginning TV Network, ℅ WJDP, P.O. Box 600, Tazewell, VA 24651.   He also added that he is looking for someone to manage advertising sales for WJDP DTV 11. Interested applicants can call the same number as above for more information.

"The process of getting WJDP DTV 11 operational here in Pigeon Forge was a long, difficult and expensive project," Dash said, but we know it will make a difference. Overall, Dash said the venture took about seven years to complete. "It's been by the grace and mercy of the Lord that we've come together with this," he said.    

"Dash said" he was first called by God in the early 1990s to develop television stations in the area to find "treasures hidden in the mountains."  "All the station is, is a conduit," Dash said. "It's about building relationships." The television stations are under the umbrella of New Beginning World Outreach, which the West Virginia native also founded with his wife, Janice Dash. New Beginning World Outreach is known for its food distribution program that has helped feed thousands of families in the past years.

In WJDP's brief time on the air, Dash said he has heard lots of positive feedback.  He mentioned a 90 year old gentleman in Knoxville, TN who said he was watching and a woman in Seymour, TN who was pleasantly surprised to find the new station.  "We get calls just about every day from someone who's watching," he said. "It's our goal to try to create more of a family type programming."   Out of the Tazewell, the stations also produce live programming, something Dash hopes to continue from the planned Pigeon Forge studio as WJDP DTV 11 moves to its own, even more locally-oriented, unique content.  

Dash said he's found people respond well to heartfelt programming that is locally generated. "It's not veneer, it's real wood," he said in explaining the allure of his stations. "We don't want to be a reflection of anything else but to meet a need and be a blessing."

Published November 26, 2011

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