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Horse & Wagon Headed to Washington DC

ralph casey wagon
Ralph Casey heads to Washington, D.C.

Ralph Casey, a small businessman from Georgia, is traveling by horse and wagon all the way to Washington, DC to ask questions. He is traveling North on Hwy 411 at 4 mph. He stopped in Madisonville on May 5 for the night and will be in Knoxville this weekend and into Monday or Tuesday.

Ralph Casey is taking his Exmoor horses and covered wagon to Washington DC to ask some simple questions. "With billions of dollars being given to large failing companies in the US and billions of dollars being given away to other countries, why is it that small businesses that have been successful for over 20 years can't get a government loan to expand?" said Casey.

"I submitted a proposal to many of our Congressmen and President Obama himself and his staff. I could easily create over 200 jobs by expanding. What do I get back in return? A big fat nothing!

"This new school would not only provide jobs for 200 people, but provide new careers for hundreds more whether they cannot read and write or have college education."

Casey is taking his wagon to DC. His journey began in and he expects to be gone 2-3 months. He needs someone to help with the horses. "I plan on riding up to the Capital Square. If you are someone with an adventurous spirit who would like to learn about horses & your country this is an excellent volunteer opportunity. I should cover 15-20 miles a day and camp out at night. We will be roughing it."

Casey's route is: Chatsworth, Georgia Hwy 411 To Hwy 11 to Knoxville, Tennessee To East Hwy 11 to Wythesville, Virginia Hwy 52 to Hwy 58 Martinsville, Virginia Hwy 58 to Danville, Virginia Hwy 360 to Richmond, Virginia Hwy 1 to Washington DC

Casey is a farrier and owner of a horseshoeing school in Villanow, Georgia since 1989. "So, I am a successful small businessman. I have written 2 books, a series of DVDs and host my own TV Show, Horseshoe'n Time."

"This is not my first wagon trip. I travelled from Georgia to Arizona in 1989 with my young family for 6 months. Only those who are sincere need to apply."

You may contact Casey at (706) 397-8909 or by email

Published May 5, 2011

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