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Tennessee Statewide Seizure of Molly's Plant Food

By John Disque

Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper and Agriculture Commissioner Julius Johnson today announced the statewide seizure of Molly's Plant Food.

Molly's Plant Food is a manmade (designer) drug known for its euphoric properties and considered a legal form of the drug - Ecstasy. Occasionally, a shady gas station or head shop will sell it behind the counter. As of late, it has been heavily marketed on the Internet. It comes in capsules and is sold for roughly $20 each.

The reason the drug is labeled a "plant food" is to make it sellable. It's simply a mask to allow the manufacturers and marketers a way around the laws. This same marketing strategy has falsely represented Molly's Plant Food as a harmless alternative to illegal drugs. Today the product has been proven to cause severe physical and psychological side effects.

Molly's plant food is just one of a long list of "alternative drugs." The drugs are usually targeted to the younger population who seem to constantly be looking for a safe alternative to street drugs.

Attorney General Cooper states that there is no such thing as a "harmless high" and these drugs cause real damage to the mind and mental bodies of some young people who use them.

Cooper also commented on his satisfaction with the current law that allows officials to pull the product from the TN shelves while the legislation considers stiffer penalties for the marketers and manufacturers.

Published March 13, 2011

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