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Eye Opening Padgett Numbers Are In
By John Disque

mark padgett
Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Mark Padgett

john disqueIt's official: this quarter - mayoral candidate Mark Padgett has raised $146,865 for a total of $271,770.

Before any premature statements roll through the media it's important to note that the Bennett, Rogero, Harmon and Hultquist numbers are not in.

My first questions were: have the abandoned Marilyn Roddy supporters made their way to Padgett's campaign and - is Padgett picking up the swing vote?

Although I was allowed a sneak peak, the details of Padgett's new funds will not be released until tomorrow. I can tell you that it's not just the totals that are impressive. The names of the contributors themselves are also very eye opening.

Quite apparently - not playing to lose, Padgett's tireless campaign is being translated to passion, honesty, intelligence and the obvious trust of his supporters.

The final issue and whether Padgett can turn it up still another notch will be determined by exactly how he chooses to spend the money.

Published July 6, 2011, 6:09 p.m.

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