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EPA urges testing all homes for radon in 2011
January 3, 2011

KNOXVILLE -- "National Radon Action Month has been declared for January, 2011," according to Jeffery Finken of Accredited Radon Mitigation. Government agencies are teaming up with environmental and health organizations throughout North America to promote this cause. One in 15 homes across the U.S. has elevated radon levels. With as many as 21,000 deaths each year, radon exposure is second only to smoking in causing lung cancer deaths in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The only way to know whether radon exists in elevated levels in your home, and to protect your family from radon, is to test. EPA and National Safety Council are asking homeowners and renters to test their house for radon and learn how to protect families from radon gas. Offices, schools, and government facilities should also be tested for this deadly carcinogen as well. Penalties and fines to business owners arising from complaints of indoor air quality violations within the workplace are becoming more and more common with heightened awareness.

"Radon is invisible and odorless, so one could live in a home with elevated levels for years without knowing it," said James Gelina, owner of Air Quality Control Agency Inc. (one of the larger radon remediation firms in the U.S.) "January is a perfect time for these awareness activities. Since homes are closed-up in the winter, it's an ideal time to assess indoor radon concentrations," added Gelina.


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