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Padgett Campaign Announces Contributions in Excess of $10,000 Per Week in Mayoral Race

Knoxville businessman Mark Padgett, a candidate for Knoxville City Mayor, announced today his campaign has been receiving contributions at an average pace of $10,000 per week.

"There is a sense of excitement growing around this campaign, and I think our fundraising is a good reflection of that," Padgett said. "The folks I'm talking to are enthusiastic. I appreciate their confidence in our message of jobs, user-friendly and more accessible government services, stronger and more connected neighborhoods, and continuing the vision to grow our downtown."

Padgett reports a total of $91,440 raised between Nov. 16 and Jan. 15. He is the first mayoral candidate to report fundraising totals, well ahead of the Feb. 1 deadline.

"I was the last candidate to enter the race, and we only began fundraising on Nov. 16. We know this race will cost over $300,000" Padgett noted. "Others in the race have been fundraising since July or August, so, I think this makes these numbers even more impressive. Knoxvillians are looking to the future; they want fresh ideas and a vision, someone with the energy and experience to lead Knoxville over the next decade."

Padgett, a successful CEO who worked with Governor Phil Bredesen to make state government more efficient, is seeking a full term as City Mayor. He will use his experience to cast a vision to make Knoxville known as the most wired city, with the most connected neighborhoods, in the most business friendly city in America."

Published January 24, 2011, 10:48 am PST

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