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Burchett proposes severance policy change
By Knoxville Daily Sun staff
January 18, 2011

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett announced a new "Knox County Employee Severance Policy" today.

tim burchettThe new policy states: "Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Programs are allowed but not required but no Knox County employee who was terminated laid-off or quits is eligible for severance compensation."

Mayor Burchett stated, "Although many business models can be applied to local government, we are not a private company spending its own money; our money belongs to the taxpayers, and it's my job to make sure we are using that money efficiently to provide the services our citizens need."

Although the new policy does not require "Commission approval," Burchett's new proposal was presented to the Knox County Commission today. Commission reaction is not yet clear.

A "severance package" is usually additional compensation given to an employee who was laid off, terminated, or simply retired. The compensation is usually based on the employee's months of service. Most packages stipulate that in order to collect the compensation the ex-employee cannot sue the employer for premature termination nor collect unemployment insurance.


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