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All Things Nurses emerges as the fastest growing social media community for nurses
January 24, 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn., /PRNewswire/ -- Shawn Mathis releases "Republic of Nurses," focusing on solving the Global Nurse Shortage. The Nurse Company project opens to empower nurses by providing online communication and focus to the global nurse shortage.

In the global struggle for educating, retaining, and empowering enough nurses to support heath care systems, there's a strong new force arriving with solid answers.

Shawn Mathis, founder and Chairman of the Board of Governors of The Nurse Company, has released Republic of Nurses, a book outlining the history and the present state of the global nurse shortage worldwide. In his book, the second on this topic, Mr. Mathis continues the conversation of the need for a new system of communication to deal with the global nurse shortage. His company, The Nurse Company, has taken the book from thoughtful concept to reality.

Mr. Mathis believes that nurses themselves hold the key to communication and ideas for improving healthcare and retention of their profession. He believes and shows historical evidence that the current status quo of band aiding solutions from Congress and importing trained employees will not adequately insure the presence of a future nurse team. Aging professors, inadequate boundaries in expectation, continuing issues with retaining new nurses all are focused in his book, Republic of Nurses. According to Dr. Tim Driscoll, Chief Executive Officer of The Nurse Company, "we have created a new environment online for the nurse profession.

"All Things is designed to be a hub resource for the nurse profession. A cost free structure for its members, All Things Nurses is a new direction in online communities for nurses." Featuring a continuing gathering, Your Nurse Community, an ad free zone for the work-life needs of its members, the community invites nurse groups, associations, and individuals to share conversations and information in an easy to navigate center community.

Mathis has focused on six areas of content relevant to a balanced work life balance content focus. Supporting that community is a Directory resource, with current information center with listings for over 8,000 nursing school educational opportunities, a directory for continuing education opportunities, a career center for listing and finding positions, a town hall for 24/7 access to online conversations and chats via Social Media with transcripts provided, a marketplace with nurse specific discount offers for its members and a front page that will feature current topics, discussion and events for the nurse industry. Mr. Mathis's vision is to empower nurses through online communications focused on using the latest technology and software to support a vibrant community that has already grown to over 6,000 members within weeks of opening its doors.

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