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Knoxville Daily Sun Partners with East TN Storm Team
By John Disque

bob becker
Chief Metereologist, Bob Becker
josh marler
Severe Weather Specialist, Josh Marler
jeremy buckles
Weather Forecaster, Jeremy Buckles

john disqueThe Knoxville Daily Sun and East Tennessee Storm Team have joined forces and drawn up a plan to provide East Tennesseeans with the most up-to-date daily and weekly weather forecasts. With the help of amazing Internet technology, social media and our individual websites we are now able to communicate with each other and provide our readers with immediate severe weather updates 24/7.

Readers will have the ability to directly access these weather reports more quickly than through traditional methods.

East Tennessee Storm Team (ETST) is an independent company consisting of three hard working weather professionals: Bob Becker, Josh Marler, and Jeremy Buckles.

Four days before the April 27th tornados blazed across East Tennessee, long time friends Marler and Buckles began forecasting on Ham radio to warn people of the impending disaster. They also published information on the Internet; however, at that point - and all the way up to the hour the storms touched down, it was being down played by most media and various social networks. Had East Tennessee paid more attention to these two young men we would have been better prepared, and a lot of suffering could have been prevented.

The idea for East TN Storm Team began the following day, April 28 and continued to draw momentum until its actual inception a few weeks later. Since the company's official launch, it has done nothing but progress with the Internet community latching on and paying strict attention to everything ETST forecasts.

Throughout the years Bob Becker (long time staple in the Knoxville community) was a friend with both Josh and Jeremy. The original idea was to ask Bob to be a consultant, but the demand from both the business itself and the community eventually drew him in and today he is a full-fledged partner.

Josh Marler lives in Lenoir City and is a Lenoir City High School Class of 2006 graduate. Before his current business pursuit he was working with the Dispatch Safety Team for Charter Communications. Josh is a semi-laidback music lover who is easy to talk with and enjoys hanging out with friends, communicating with the Internet's social media and still stays active in the Ham radio community.

Buckles is currently enrolled in both University of Tennessee (Engineering Physics) and Penn State University (Weather Forecasting Certificate). He is also an intern at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and a member of Foot's Forecast (A multistate network of young forecasters).

Most of us know Bob Becker for his work with a very popular East TN news team. From a very young age Bob began pursuing his career as a meteorologist. After growing up and graduating college in New York his work took him all over the country. Eventually, a visit to the Smoky Mountains had him falling in love with and staying in East TN. Today, while pursuing East TN Storm Team, Bob works full time with WKVL in public relations and marketing and writes weekly forecasts for the Seymour Herald. Bob is also laid back and easy to talk with. In his rare spare time he loves to travel, he stays involved with charity organizations and is a lifelong animal lover.

The Knoxville Daily Sun is proud to announce that we have partnered with ETST and these three incredible people. We can now provide all the latest forecasts and weather predictions from the very best in the area.

The Knoxville Daily Sun will provide up-to-date weather reports provided by the East TN Storm Team through our Weather page at

The Daily Sun will also videotape extreme weather conditions which will be posted to its website and on ETST's site.

Weather reports will also be provided on the following websites:

Great Smoky Mountains National Park,
About Knoxville,
About the Smokies,

and a number of other Smoky Mountain and Knoxville sites.

The East TN Storm Team Site is located at

Published August 1, 2011, 9:36 p.m.

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