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Knoxville neighborhoods changing with the information age

By John Disque

Go ahead. Start your own neighborhood photo-contest or litter pick up or advertise that beautiful antique to be sold at your upcoming yard sale.

Knoxville neighborhoods are changing with the information age. Many neighborhoods today have their own websites, blogs, chat rooms and private email lists of residences.

People have always been concerned with their neighborhoods but they never had a good way to meet and stay in-touch with all the latest developments concerning them. You'll come away with all sorts of new gossip, and you'll hear yourself muttering that you had no idea Larry down the street works for the FBI or Betty across the street is a retired school teacher.

This has now been branched out to new demands such as: neighborhood watches, monthly and weekly neighborhood competitions, neighborhood yard sales and homeowner associations.

Naturally, it's not a fad, and it's working. Neighborhood websites are managing to decrease crime, illegal solicitation and vandalism while demanding higher market values. It has also given the new homebuyer in the neighborhood instant vital information such as; the closest hospitals to the neighborhood, the best schools, employment demand, churches, parks and much more. The new buyer instantly feels connected to the community and finds a brand new circle of friends.

If your neighborhood doesn't have a website, it's because everyone is waiting for you to start one. Although Facebook isn't paying me much it's fair to say it would be a good place to start. Yahoo also have an excellent platform for community forums. Your only question should be: what are you waiting for?

Published November 28, 2010

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