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The FBI wants you to slow down and take a look at your phone bills

By John Disque

The FBI is seeking your help to get to the bottom of an illegal phone bill scam. It appears that Alternate Billing Corp and their 28-affiliate companies are suspected of tacking on charges that were neither ordered nor authorized by customers.

If you suspect yourself or someone you know to be a victim, the FBI wants to hear from you. The best and fastest way to contact them is via the Internet at http://forms.fbi.gov/alternate-billing-corp. What they need from you is: your contact information, a list of companies that billed you, an estimate of your monetary losses, and any documentation you can provide such as phone bills.

If you don't have a computer or Internet access, you can contact them at: FBI Indianapolis,
Alternate Billing Corporation Matter
575 N. Pennsylvania Street, Room 679
Indianapolis, IN 46204.

You can also file formal complaints by phone at: 651-296-3353 or 800-657-3787.

Although they caution that it may be some time before you hear back from them, if the FBI determines that you have been a victim they will stay in touch with you.

To listen to a recorded message regarding to this matter please call: 1-855-235-6633.

Ironically, you should watch out for these keywords: safety, safe, Flix, identity, protect ,and streaming. Alternate Billing Corp's affiliate companies suspected in this matter include:

Digital VMail
Durham Technology
Identity Holdings
Instant 411
Mobile 411 Plus
Safeguard My Credit
Streaming Flix
Streaming Flix – FamilyWebSafety
Streaming Flix - Iconz of Rock VIP
Streaming Flix – Mobile
Streaming Flix - National Lampoon
Streaming Flix - No Good TV Digital
Streaming Flix – UBD
Studio 127

Published December 17, 2010

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