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Tennessee takes the lead against Direct TV
By Knoxville Daily Sun staff
December 17, 2010

For the second time in the past 7 years Direct TV has been investigated and forced to make a multi-million dollar settlement. The first investigation began in 2003 and was settled in 2004 for $5 million going to 22 states and their consumers.

Direct TV didn't learn their lesson and have continued the same deceptive business practices. This time 49 states were involved with Tennessee leading the charge. The latest settlement was recently reached for $13.25 million.

Giving birth to both investigations was an above average number of consumer complaints, questions, confusion, and cancellations. Allegations were "deceptive advertising and marketing strategies" where customers were told one thing and received another or simply did not receive what they agreed on. The areas concerning the investigation were: fixed pricing, contract durations, automatic renewal of seasonal sports packages, and billing credits. The customers were also led to believe that they would receive cash back offers but never received any such thing.

Some customers will be compensated. If you feel you did not receive what you paid for or you were misled when you signed or renewed your contract with DT you should contact the following: or call 1-800-DIRECTV. Consumers can also call the AG's consumer protection hotline at 702-486-3132.

I have some of my own questions that no one seems willing or prepared to answer. Why wasn't this case public knowledge and worldwide news when the investigation began? Now that it is circulating the Internet, many more people will stand up to Direct TV with the result being less for each customer. If the investigation was public knowledge, more consumers would have had an opportunity to go onboard, and the settlement could have gone over $100 million.

If Direct TV made $80 million by ripping off their customers and only had to pay $13 million in compensation, it would actually be profitable for them to continue. It's also why other giant companies won't hesitate to follow Direct TV's deceptive lead.

For more information and a history of Direct TV's complaints visit the website below.
Direct TV | Ripoff Report Directory | Scams, Frauds, Reviews And Complaints

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