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Historic Old North Knoxville's Annual Holiday Home Tour


old north knoxville holiday home tour

Usually in our mid- to later years we grow to appreciate history and our ambition to preserve it becomes more important. As we age we begin to realize the value of our own foundation. We realize that if we continue to turn our back on it we are bound to lose our way. With a mixture of pride and recognition Old North Knoxville understands this and hands us all an opportunity to participate.

On the first weekend of December (Dec 4th and 5th) Old North Knoxville (ONK) will host their 22nd annual historic home tour. The tour will feature 10 historic homes in the North Knoxville area decorated for the Christmas season.

What's so impressive about the tour is the extreme detail that you simply don't find in homes built today. The homes were built by real craftsman who were building more of a lasting piece of art than an actual money making enterprise. They took great pride in their work and, if you know what to look for, it shows. The homes were built to last and to reflect the craftsman's talent and ambition. Within the extreme attention to detail they become captivating conversation pieces in themselves and hold stories that no modern built home could ever hope to hold.

Neighborhood Map


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