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Remedy Coffee -- Knoxville's Coolest Hangout

By John Disque

remedy coffee

In the time of extreme excess and greed that winds up discouraging the entire human race it's important for you to know that there's people amongst us who are giving back.

Remedy Coffee in the Old City was founded in 2009. Located at 125 W Jackson Ave. the idea was not just to give back a percentage or to hire a minority but to give it ALL back… everything. If that's not something to applaud and support I don't know what is. Since it was founded it's been 100% non-profit and all proceeds go to Habitat For Humanity, Beardsley Farm and Tribe One.

The customer base brags some of the most amazing people in the area. From local politicians and businesspeople to college students to the man or woman who just wants a great cup of coffee.

Relaxing and cozy to say the least: It's as close to home as you'll get - with sofas, comfortable padded chairs, beautiful dark-wood furniture and floors, a private loft that's more like a living room, local acoustic talent, books, board games, free WIFI-internet and a brilliant friendly staff. The topper is: an amazing cup of 100%-organic coffee or tea.

They also have a huge back room that can be rented at very reasonable rates. It can accommodate up to 100 people for social or business functions.

What really sets this place apart (not just from the coffee houses but ALL businesses) is that they're not in it for profit so you don't feel like you're being sold anything. You'll also never feel rushed in or out. It's more "a place to hang out" and to meet your neighbors and community.

The goal was: to get people to come back and it's working. Remedy is getting rave reviews all over town. Since I learned of the place, three weeks ago, I've been back three times. Mostly I continue to return because I feel at home. In fact, if they added a pool table I'd be a staple and they'd never get rid of me.

mark padgettMayoral Candidate Mark Padgett and John Disque, Knoxvile Daily Sun journalisti

There's no better place for a date because you can actually talk and get to know the person you're with. There's also no better place for an intimate business meeting. It's where I met and interviewed Mark Padgett. From that first time I walked in I was noticing the incredible magnetism of the place and it just kept pulling me back.

So now you know: if you ever had the desire to meet some crazy writer who's not afraid to tackle tough issues and the truth – there's a good chance you'll find me at Remedy Coffee in the Old City but be careful – you may just wind up in a news article.

Published May 18, 2011

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