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Organic Food Market Booming in America

john disqueBy John Disque

Will America pay an extra dollar for a dozen of eggs? What if their health depends on it? What if it supports their local farm? What if the local famer spends money in your community, creating a demand for your job?

Throughout history Americans have kept their patience, gathered as many facts as they could and allowed themselves to be backed into a corner before standing up and creating change.

A top shelf supplier of any market can see what they're not taking advantage of and, when the time is right, they'll begin to rethink their entire business strategy.

Who would ever think we'd be paying for bottled water? The answer is: Not many, but the few who did made billions of dollars. The answer to "the egg-question" is: A lot of people.

Once a business knows the truth, they'll begin weighing yesterday's reasoning with tomorrow's and, if their business is important enough, they'll change.

In this case, there are two main reasons that the food industry is changing: Health and Social. Social Aspects would include animal cruelty, cleanliness, local farm support, etc. Of the two sub-markets, the health market is currently bigger but the social market is growing quickly. Both together have succeeded in creating a demand that has never been higher. To further enhance the good news, the farmers are stepping up with a smile and filling the demand.

The biggest issue at this point is: Most mass food marketers are not tapping into the organic market and are still dealing with cheap cost and commodities. Wal-Mart caters to the price-conscious consumer. This is all fine and wonderful but "keeping costs low for consumers" has changed to "keeping costs low at all costs," including American jobs and health. That IS their market and the organic food suppliers are having trouble tapping into it. It's not to say it won't change – it is to say that it won't change anytime soon.

As a result, the supplier (the organic farmer who is usually local) has taken their entire fate and the entire market into their own hands. Today farmers are not just people who have land and produce food, they are also expert business people working harder than before to make sure the consumer is informed and that their products are available. With the odds against them, they are succeeding.

If you dig deep on all the big-time positive changes that have taken place in America, you'll find they started with everyday people who were willing to push it the extra mile, work harder, take chances and give everything they have all in the name of America.

Organic food is now a gigantic market with virtually no ceiling, and, according to popular opinion, it tastes better.

A few days ago the USA became the #1 country in the world in organic food production and consumption.

2003 – The market was 3.6 billion.
2006 – The market was 13.8 billion.
2011 – The market is 23.5 billion and growing rapidly.

Published September 12, 2011

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