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Imagination Station is Revved Up for Fun Summer Camps

By Jeaneane Payne

Hey kids! Where can you learn about real "spies," make and break secret codes, learn escape and evasion techniques, and create and use spy gadgets?

Where can you construct a Star Wars lego ship?

How can you learn how to create garden art?

Would you like to learn how marionettes work and create puppets then use them for a puppet show?

What about cooking? Do you want to learn how to read recipes, plan menus, and cook up some great dishes?

Not interested yet? How about learning to create fairytale fantastic and weave a tale around character you build?

Take a journey around the world and experience different cultures through hands-on activities!

Do you like jewelry and other craft creations? Learn how to design jewelry, crafts a project from objects you find, create a mask, make a butterfly flyer or a wind chime.

Where can you learn all these things?

At Imagination Station Summer Camp!

The Oak Ridge Children's Museum has been working hard all year planning great things for you this summer.

From June 13 - August 5, the museum is offering a week of summer camp for youth in grades 1-3. Just select your favorite camp and sign up today at

For youth in grades 4-7, you can learn how to create a Jackson Pollack with ice cream, have a Nerf and silly string war, make safety goggles from a soda bottle, find out how to start a business, learn how to babysit, become a baker, and lots of other fun things.

Published May 14, 2011

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