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Food, Obesity and Poor Health -- America Has A Problem

By John Disque

Pressure, escapism, pace, stress: They all manifest themselves in many different ways. For some it's drugs, for others – alcohol, domestic violence, gambling, etc. But for too many, for too long, it has been "food" and the result has been: overweight, out of shape, obesity and serious life-threatening health issues.

Although it has become a global problem, with 1.6 billion overweight people on the planet, America is now "the 3rd fattest country on the planet" with 66% of our population overweight and an increasing and alarming percentage pushing the lines, or over the lines, of obesity.

Unlike drugs, alcohol, gambling and most other addictions, you can't just walk away from it. You have to eat and it's everywhere you turn. You can't turn on the TV, radio, Internet or even walk down the street without some marketer tempting you to buy and consume it. Health seems to come last in line of priorities. Taste, reward, escapism, texture, appearance, price, packaging, etc. all come before health. That is because for most of these products the destruction of your health is never mentioned. If the truth were mentioned in the advertisement it's highly doubtful they'd ever turn a profit.

Many people will simply say, "Okay, stop eating" or "Why don't they just stop eating?"

Imagine for a moment that you are an alcoholic but you had to drink a certain amount every day in order to stay alive. Imagine telling a heroin addict to just do a little bit. Imagine having a problem with cocaine and a cocaine dealer pushing his product in your face everywhere you go. Imagine telling a gambling addict that gambling is fine as long as they only spend $10 a day. As you can see, the problem is much greater and more complex than it first appears.

What's ultimately crystal clear is that the manufacturers and marketers are not going to stop. They're obviously making billions of dollars pushing their products in the face of the public so, ultimately, it is up to all of us to step up and take control of the issue.

While many people take the "So what, mind your own business! It's my life!" approach to dealing with this problem, they are only justifications and temporary band aids to keep from facing the truth. Our people have a serious problem. That makes it my business. It's time that we all step back and take a better look at it.

It bothers me when judgmental, thoughtless people throw blanket statements and titles on people and problems that don't affect them at all. "Fat," "lazy," "slob," - these are unfair labels that prove to me we haven't thought the issue through.

Overweight people are constantly and openly ridiculed while our society accepts and condones it. What you must keep in mind is that you are now referring to the majority of people. Therefore you are speaking about yourself.

It was once acceptable to call an African America or black person a name. It was wrong then and it's wrong now. Nothing changes until we've had enough and put our foot down. It's time that we ALL take this issue seriously and demand the changes. After all – there's no doubt that at least one person close to you is suffering with this issue and it could save your loved one's life.

In the 1960s 24% (or about 1 in 4) of Americans were overweight. Today it's 66% (or about 2 of every 3). If you don't see that it's a growing, almost out of control issue you're not paying attention. If you choose to continue to ignore it you'll eventually be walking alone because one by one the rest of the world is facing it and those who are suffering need your understanding and support.

Geoff Hampton is one man who understands all this and has decided to step up and take control of the issue. Geoff founded and owns a formula titled "Change the shape of the World." It's designed to "educate, motivate & lead those who are action takers to reach to those who are excuse makers and lead them to powerful, positive & lasting lifestyle change."

For more information please visit Geoff Hampton's blog at or visit his home page at

Published May 21, 2011

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