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High Profile - Considered Extremely Dangerous - In Jail, Awaiting Trial Citizens
The Knoxville Daily Sun publishes Knoxville's high profile inmates to inform law-abiding citizens of those who have chosen not to abide by the law. These individuals could have a residence in your neighborhood or community and be a threat to you and your children. If those awaiting trial are found not guilty, we will post that information on our web site.

steven edward thodos Steven Edward Thodos
Knoxville TN
DOB: 7-18-87

Awaiting trial for 2 counts of Attempted First Degree Murder (premeditated and intentional);
$1,600,000 Bond.

Court Date: 1-21-11
gloria lee

Gloria Lee
201 Locust Street, Apt 417
Knoxville TN 37909
DOB: 10-15-56

Awaiting trial for Second Degree Murder; $500,000 Bond.

Court Date: 1-24-11
Sentence ends 6/8/17

casey inman Casey Isaac Inman
3416 Dude Lane
Knoxville TN 37931
DOB: 7-21-80

Awaiting trial for Aggravated Assault and Introduction of Contraband into Penal Institution; Bond set at $3,000 on each charge.

Court Date: 1-18-11
Status: Probation
shawn lee moore Shawn Lee Moore
7108 Lavender Ln
Knoxville TN 37921
DOB: 10-25-83

Awaiting trial for Burglary, Criminal Trespassing, Vandalism, Public Intoxication; Appearance Bond.

Court Date: 1-19-11
william holloway William Lanever Holloway
418 N. Broadway
Knoxville TN 37902
DOB: 5-29-69

Burglary: $5,000 Bond.
Public Intoxication: $500 Bon.

Court Date: 1-19-11
billy goodson
Billy Goodson
2120 Amherst
Knoxville TN 37921
DOB: 8-13-55

Awaiting trial for Attempted First Degree Murder & Aggravated Kidnapping.
Court Date: 3-23-11
Convicted; sentence ends 11/26/2024
terrance feaster
Terrance Feaster
321 Tradewind Street
Clinton TN 37716
DOB: 2-2-77

Awaiting trial for Attempted First Degree Murder, Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery.
Court Date: 1-19-11 and 5-11-11
Sentence ends 08/26/2023
mark foster
Mark Foster
347 Mountain Road
Clinton TN 37717
DOB: 10-8-61

Awaiting trial for Attempted First Degree Murder
Court Date: 10-3-11
Convicted; eligible for parole 04/17/2017
ben fowler
Ben Fowler
714 Washburn Street
Knoxville TN 37919
DOB: 2-6-76

Awaiting trial for Felony Murder, First Degree Murder, Aggravated Robbery

Court Date: 5-16-11
Convicted; eligible for parole 10/10/2077
byron edwards
Byron Edwards
916 Texas Avenue
Knoxville TN 37921
DOB: 8-23-91

Awaiting trial for Attempted First Degree Murder and Reckless Endangerment
Court Date: 1-12-11 and 1-14-11
Convicted; sentence ends 09/05/2021
antez diefferderfer
Antezz Dieffenderfe
502 Buckeye Drive
Knoxville TN 37920
DOB: 7-4-89

Convicted of Rape and Incest.
Sentence began 2/12/10; ends 10/7/17
linda bowling
Linda Bowling
1115 W Scott Avenue, Apt 327
Knoxville TN 37921
DOB: 3-4-80

Convicted of 2nd Degree Murder.
Sentence began 8/6/10; ends 9/27/22
anthony burnett
Anthony Burnett
2902 Greenway Drive
Knoxville TN 37938
DOB: 2-17-87

Awaiting trial for First Degree Murder, Attempted First Degree Murder, Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder
Court Date: 4-25-11
devon burton
Devon Burton
1623 Sterchi Lane
Knoxville TN 37921
DOB: 5-5-86

Awaiting trial for Attempted 2nd Degree Murder, aggravated Kidnapping, aggravated Robbery.
Court Date: 5-23-11
Honorable Mention
james pruitt
James Pruitt
4301 Whittle Springs Road, Apt 1314
Knoxville TN 3717
DOB: 6-13-57

Awaiting trial for Extemely Offensive or Provocative Contact.
Court Date: Pending
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Updated January 17, 2011

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