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High Profile - Extremely Dangerous - In Jail Awaiting Trial Citizens
The Knoxville Daily Sun publishes Knoxville's high profile inmates to inform law-abiding citizens of those who have chosen not to abide by the law. These individuals could have a residence in your neighborhood or community and be a threat to you and your children. If those awaiting trial are found not guilty, we will post that information on our web site.

bob robinson
Bob Robinson
1624 Southshire Lane
Knoxville TN 37922

Awaiting trial for Sexual Exploitation Of a Minor.
Court Date: 7-19-11
doug royster
Doug Royster
3324 Joseph Gate Lane
Knoxville TN 37931
DOB: 12-4-67

Awaiting trial for Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor, Incest, Statutory Rape.
Court Date: 7-19-11
william pate
William Pate
4511 Clayton Road
Knoxville TN 37920
DOB: 3-24-86

Awaiting trial for Aggravated Child Abuse
Court Date: 8-1-11
shawn payne
Shawn Payne
3425 Lansing Avenue
Knoxville TN 37915
DOB: 4-28-90

Awaiting trial for 1st Degree Murder & Attempted 1st Degree Murder

Court Date: 4-11-11
brandon petrey
Brandon Petrey
7204 Larkspur Ln
Apt #127
Powell TN 37849
DOB: 1-14-83

Awaiting trial for Attempted 2nd Degree Murder and Aggravated Assault.
Court Date: 7-15-11
robert pettorsson
Robert Pettorsson
604 Carriage Station Ln
Knoxville TN 37934
DOB: 1-21-85

Awaiting trial for First Degree Murder after he told police he stabbed his stepfather with a kitchen knife and hit him in the head with a dumbbell.
Court Date: 6-28-11
michael olebe
Michael Olebe
4900 Holston Drive
Knoxville TN 37914
DOB: 12-19-78

Awaiting trial for 1st Degree Murder, aggravated Assault, Intent to Deliver & Sell Cocaine.
Court Date: 2-3-11 and 3-1-11
jorge ortiz
Jorge Ortiz
220 Brancoff Circle
Knoxville TN 37929
DOB: 12-13-89

Awaiting trial for Attempted 2nd Degree Murder, Aggravated Robbery, Employing a Firearm.
Court Date: 5-10-11
ahmad manning
Ahmad Rashad Manning
113 South Cruze Street
Knoxville TN 37921
DOB: 9-17-78

Awaiting trial for 2nd Degree Murder, Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Employing a Firearm.
Court Date: 5-23-11
herbert merritt
Herbert Merritt
7504 Glen Walker Lane
Knoxville TN 37938
DOB: 5-22-61

Awaiting trial for First Degree Murder;
Court Date: 2-7-11
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Published January 11, 2011

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