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High Profile - Considered Extremely Dangerous - In Jail, Awaiting Trial Citizens

The Knoxville Daily Sun publishes Knoxville's high profile inmates to inform law-abiding citizens of those who have chosen not to abide by the law. These individuals could have a residence in your neighborhood or community and be a threat to you and your children. If those awaiting trial are found not guilty, we will post that information on our web site.

rex allen moore Rex Allen Moore
2638 Jefferson Avenue
Knoxville TN 37914
DOB: 12-27-60

Awaiting trial for Sexual Offender Registry Residency Violations
Court Date: 1-24-11
daniel eric reynolds Daniel Eric Reynolds
106 Hoyt Lane
Oak Ridge TN 37830
DOB: 9-9-83

Awaiting trial for Assault (extremely offensive or provocative contact)
Court Date: 1-28-11
dewayne thaxton
Dewayne Thaxton
611 Ferry Street
Loudon TN 37774
DOB: 11-4-79

Awaiting trial for 2nd degree murder; charged with stabbing another man, Elmer Durham, to death.
Court Date: 1-25-11 and 1-27-11
dennis turner
Dennis Turner
1615 Weeping Willow Court
Knoxville TN 37931
DOB: 2-3-51

Awaiting trial for Attempted First Degree Murder and Aggravated Assault.
Court Date: 1-27-11
john taylor
John Taylor
7821 Babs Rd
Knoxville TN 37920
DOB: 1-5-83

Awaiting trial for Rape of A Child, Incest & Distribution
Court Date: 2-28-11
timothy shultz
Timothy Shultz
11323 Sam Lee Road
Knoxville TN 37932
DOB: 9-24-60

Awaiting trial for Incest, Sexual Battery by an Authority Figure, Aggravated Sexual Battery, Rape of A Child, Incest, Statutory Rape By an Authority Figure
Court Date: 3-8-11
jamar siler
Jamar Siler
4006 Peaks Landing Way
Apt #203
Knoxville TN 37918
DOB: 4-10-93

Awaiting trial for First Degree Murder.
Court Date: 2-22-11 (Juvenile Court)
christopher smalley
Christopher Smalley
202 Ault Street
Knoxville TN 37914
DOB: 12-22-83

Awaiting trial for Aggravated Rape, Aggravated Kidnapping.
Court Date: 1-14-11 and 1-18-11
leon smith
Leon Smith
3112 Brooks Road
Knoxville TN 37915
DOB: 7-31-53

Awaiting trial for Attempted Aggravated Arson and Attempted 2nd Degree Murder.
Court Date: 5-10-11
richard smith
Richard Smith
4118 Alma Avenue
Knoxville TN 37914
DOB: 9-14-90

Awaiting trial for Felony Murder, First Degree Murder, and Attempted 1st Degree Murder.
Court Date: 3-18-11
jasper stevens
Jasper Stevens
4601 Upchurch Road
Oliver Springs TN 37918
DOB: 4-10-93

Awaiting trial for Rape of a Child and Aggravated Burglary.
Court Date: 1-11-11
joseph rivera
Joseph Rivera
8228 Elderberry Drive
Knoxville TN 37919
DOB: 10-26-61

Awaiting trial for First Degree Murder; accused of killing his wife, Michelle Rivera, in a West Knoxville apartment.
Court Date: 4-11-11
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Published January 11, 2011


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