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Knoxville Daily Sun launches as Tennessee's first and only entirely digital news source

By Jeaneane Payne, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Knoxville is entering into the new way news will be delivered with the birth of the Knoxville Daily Sun ---the first entirely digital news source in town. As the majority of news readers have already switched from print media to digital media, the Knoxville Daily Sun will keep pace with local news demands in a new way.

The Knoxville Daily Sun is not your grandpa's newspaper. It is the way your grandchildren and future generations will get the news, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can check us out on your computer, Blackberry, or iphone. The news will be reported as it comes in, not just once a day.

I made the decision to start the Knoxville Daily Sun based on the need for a new method for delivering the news in our modern day society. Print media is quickly dying, and most people are leaning towards the Internet to receive the news throughout the day. Knoxville did not have a means designed solely to provide this new age with the rapid means of getting up-to-date local news.

My goal is to keep the Knoxville Daily Sun an unbiased and non-prejudiced news source. We want to present the news without interjecting our personal opinions. We want to provide you with the facts, not our viewpoints.

The Knoxville Daily Sun will focus primarily on Knox and surrounding counties, bringing you news about community happenings, achievements of individuals, interesting places to travel, and feature small businesses.

I want to also have a focus on Knoxville youth sports and sports teams that are often neglected by the media, such as the Knoxville ice Bears, Tennessee Smokies Baseball, and the many college sports teams that are not often mentioned.

Your newest news source will not focus on murder and mayhem, although we will cover some stories from time to time. We will also not publish "he said, she said" articles about mud slinging contests between politicians. We will present the viewpoints of various political figures on an individual basis.

One of the main advantages of utilizing the Knoxville Daily Sun as your news source is that you can easily access not only local news but, through RSS feeds, you can access national and world news without having to navigate through various web sites.

The Knoxville Daily Sun wants to promote the little guy out there -- the ones who struggle to get into the forefront with lmited or no funds; our area attractions, museums, non-profit-organizations, and small businesses who don't get a lot of recognition. We want to help the little guy.

The Knoxville Daily Sun launched on Monday, November 15, 2010.


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