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Biblical Times Theatre portrays Blood Moon prophecy
By Michael Williams - March 30, 2015

blood moon
Is the coming Blood Moon a sign of the foretelling of an event of great significance? The next Blood Moon is expected to appear April 4, 2015. The spectacular "blood moon" total lunar eclipse of Oct. 8, 2014 captured by photographer John W. Johnson of the Omaha Astronomical Society in Nebraska in the United States.

The coming Blood Moons is being discussed in numerous news outlets and among religious scholars and historians. Throughout history Blood Moons have occurred at moments of great historical significance to the Jewish people. Blood Moons are a rare but natural occurring phenomenon in which the moon turns a shade of red that resembles blood.

According to researcher Mark Blitz, who researched the phenomenon through data compiled by NASA, the Blood Moons have occurred during the time prior to the birth of Christ and subsequently shortly before his crucifixion. The Blood Moons appeared in the night skies shortly before the Jews were expelled from Spain during the 15th century by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The money of those expelled was confiscated and was used to finance the voyages of Christopher Columbus to the New World. The Blood Moons appeared to indicate a prophecy of the two worlds coming together, one of which would prosper while the other world would perish.

The Blood Moons appeared in the night skies during the resettling and founding of modern day Israel and the eerie luminescent orb appeared in its bloody guise once more shortly before the beginning of the Six Day War, during which several middle eastern nations attempted to ally in an effort to exterminate the Israeli people. Their efforts were thwarted by an Israeli counter offensive which neutralized the aggressors in less than a week.

The coming Blood Moons are expected to make a celestial appearance again on April 4 and September 28, 2015. Many scholars are taking note of the phenomenon in anticipation of the coming of an event of great significance. Some have speculated it signifies the second coming of Christ.

Jess and Linda Davis, the owners and innovators of the Biblical Times Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge have written a new show for their award winning dinner show based on the Blood Moons prophecy. While the Davises make no predictions about what events may be heralded by the coming of the Blood Moons, the couple have created a show that provides a better understanding of the phenomenon. According to Davis, the Blood Moons represent the seven Holy feasts.

The new show, Days of Elijah, is a tale of hope, redemption and the return of Christ. The show features the interpretation of the Blood Moons prophecy as presented by Elijah, a prophet of God who stands with Moses who led the Israelites from bondage in Egypt.

The show features the cutting edge holographic technology that was first introduced to the Volunteer State by the Biblical Times Theater. With the use of holograms and computer generated imagery, the cast of the show recreates the story of Elijah and the prophecies of the Blood Moons. The technology is utilized to bring to life the characters from the Bible which interact with live performers often making it difficult to ascertain which characters are real and which are holograms. The holographic technology is the creation of Chris Baker, Michael Friday and Andrew Wang, graduates of East Tennessee State University, all of whom graduated with degrees in digital media.

The show features a cast of award winning gospel singers that have performed with some of the biggest names in gospel music including the Hoppers. The cast includes Benjamin Morelock, Ashley Jenkins, Blaine Sumler, Jamie Edwards, Mary Courtney, Chris Seigler and vocal powerhouse, Rachel Barnes.

The first half of the show features gospel music performed by the cast who all give their testimony. The second half of the show is a 75 minute performance featuring live actors and holograms which relate the story of Elijah, the seven Holy Feasts, and the Blood Moons.

The show features a meal of Biblical proportions that includes salad, drink, steak tips, ham, chicken fillet, corn, bread, and dessert. The theater features Moses Mountain of God for matinee performances. The story of Moses tells of the Exodus and the liberation of the Israelites. Through holographic technology the audience can experience the parting of the Red Sea and the plagues brought upon the Egyptians. The show features a different meal than the Days of Elijah.

For more information about the Biblical Times Dinner Show visit or call 865-908-3327.

Published March 30, 2015

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