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Appalachian born Chad Triplett signs deal with '23 Muzik Group

chad triplettLENOIR, NC -- Chad Triplett has signed a national promotion and distribution deal with '23 Muzik Group. Triplett was born in shadow of the Appalachian Mountains in Western NC. Raised in a strict backwoods Baptist home, he asked for his first guitar at the age of 3 and quickly began imitating all the radio heroes of the day from Willie & Waylon to Glenn Campbell.

Triplett's first song he sang on that ol' plastic guitar was “Rhinestone Cowboy” then twenty some years rolled by before he picked up a real guitar, this time out of a longing or a calling you might say. Triplett learned guitar after going through an ugly divorce. Often he has said, “It was either buy a dog or a guitar. I figured a guitar was cheaper and easier … I may have been off the mark on that one.” Soon he learned how to put his thoughts and feelings into a song. He then formed “The Ramblin Gypsy Band” and began to play all over the east coast. They have opened for such greats as Jamey Johnson, Jason Michael Carroll, Confederate Railroad, and Sunny Ledfurd, honing their craft and paying their dues in such time honored haunts as The Bowery in Myrtle Beach SC & Coyote Joe’s in Charlotte NC.

Working in FM radio over a period of 8 years has also helped fuel the singer/songwriter itch for Triplett. In radio he is known as “Trip”. He has his finger prints in all aspects of the radio business, including sales, production, and as an on air personality. Triplett continues to play in his country rock band “The Ramblin Gypsies” (the official band of 92.1 FM The Big Dawg). He loves fishing and hunting as well as going camping with friends, and he is a true southern NASCAR nut. His true love is his soul mate Ally and his 3 boys, Treigh, Tyler, and Tanner!

Sometimes when the weather is just right and the trout are biting, you may find Triplett deep in the hills of Western Wilkes County. There’s a place there we he goes to get away to feel free…to bait a hook and wet a line like his kin folk before him. It is where his Dad was raised and where his grandfather once made moonshine while his grand-maw taught her kids about the Lord. There's a cabin on one end of the old home place that is owned by Eric Church's Family, and this same place has inspired some of Eric's songs like "Carolina".

This old home place is in an area called Darby. On the debut album you will find a song named after that magical place. To know Triplett is to know Darby. One of the striking lines from his tribute song to Darby goes like this: “Grand-maw talked of the forty flood and how it washed everything away…and if you give your soul to Jesus then he’ll do the same…she would say… down in Darby…in Darby.”

Also on the album his tune Jasper’s Shine recounts how his grandfather provided for his family by making and running moonshine. It also tells of an adventure Triplett took with his son Tanner up one of the old hollows where they found his grand-paws old still site, complete with busted barrels. One might say this debut album is a collection of Triplett’s life stories. Once you listen to “Weathered” you will realize each song is a story that had to be told, from songs about his Mother, who lost her battle with cancer in 2005, to songs about God’s grace, broken hearts, and a woman’s love. This journey is one we all can relate to. The songs are the tread-work of Triplett’s soul; some good, some bad, some spiritual, some haunting, and some happy. All are simply pure country. This is his life's story; worn & “Weathered” through the sands of time and washed by the grace of God.

Published August 5, 2013

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