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7:55 p.m. July 17, 2012
Feuding and Feasting at the Lumberjack Feud
By Melissa Mauceri

One of the newest and most unique shows ever to be brought into the Smoky Mountains is the Lumberjack Feud Dinner and Show. When first arriving at the theater, one may anticipate the typical singing and dancing that is featured in several other neighboring shows. But the Lumberjack Feud is far different from your ordinary family entertainment. What one can expect to see is a full-out feud between two logging families, the Dawson's and the McGraw's. The feuding among these families begins as the timber industry is shut down due to the formation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Whichever family wins the most lumberjack competitions will receive all of the remaining timber.

lumberjack feud
Scene from the Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge, TN. Image by Melissa Mauceri

As the activity initiates, guests aren't just the audience in this show anymore. Upon arrival visitors are placed on either the Dawson or McGraw family's section, where they will cheer on their family to victory against the opposing team. Many of the events during the competition require audience volunteers and participation in exciting tasks. Many "cookies," which are slender slices of a log, are handed out during the show as prizes. These cookies can be signed afterwards by the cast and kept as souvenirs.

When visiting the Lumberjack Feud, guests can also visit the Smoky Mountain Forest History Center located in the theater prior to the show entrance. Here one can learn about the logging history of the Smoky Mountains by viewing many displays and artifacts based on the history of the area.

Featured in the show are professional ESPN lumberjacks. These lumberjacks will compete against each other in categories such as the springboard, the logroll, and the doublebuck. The Springboard, considered the most hazardous event, challenges the lumberjacks to maintain their stability while swinging a six pound razor blade at record speeds. In the logroll competition the lumberjacks must stay balanced on the log while moving at rapid momentum to launch their opponent into the water. The Doublebuck involves a six foot saw with 100 intensely pointed teeth powered by two of each family's fastest competitors. Whichever lumberjack family saws through the log first is the victor. Other members of the talented cast include the log pulling Draft Horses and the award-winning, high-soaring Timber Dogs.

Lumberjack Feud offers both "show only" tickets and "dinner & show" tickets. When dining at the theater guests are seated upfront to best witness all of the intense lumberjack action. The dinner includes BBQ ribs, baked chicken breast, baked macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and a dinner roll. Endless Pepsi products are provided as beverages, as well as homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Contact the Lumberjack Feud locally at (865) 428-8688, or toll free at 855-BIG-FEUD (855-244-3383). Shows are available 364 days out of the year, ranging from one to three shows a day. Don't miss out on the most incredibly daring and one of a kind show in the area. Call and order your tickets today or go online to Will you be sided with the winning family?

Published July 17, 2012

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